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      Hey i was wondering if any1 on here could help me? im only 16 but ive just recently found out im pregnant, i cant tell my mum yet 🙁 i avnt even told my boy friend, im really scared what’ll happen if evry1 finds out n i jus wondered if any1 here has been in the same situation?…cheerz for any help 🙁 :ermm:


        Hey, I was in the same boat about 3 years ago when I had found out that I was pregnant for the first time…… I told my boyfriend and he was fine with it. My mom on the other hand was upset with me, but then grew out of it after she realized that she is going to be a grandparent….. She loves both of my children, and has never regretted me getting pregnant.


          Hiya! recently I just had unprotected sex. 2 days ago and I’m only 15 I’m so scared, I don’t have anyone I can talk to, I’m not even sure if I am, I’ll need to wait 2 weeks and see if I’ve missed my period but I can’t wait that long, you poor thing! I don’t want to tell my mates as they won’t understand and I’m scared what they’ll say and if I tell my mum she will go mad! :unsure: write back :ermm: xx xx


            :ohmy: hi every1 i know exactly how ur feeling ive just found out im pregnant too, im sooo stressed bout telling my family, im 19 ive only been with my boifriend 4 mnths, i told him n he has been acting very distant its really strange i dont even no if its sunk in yet, i only found out 4 days ago n ive been on this sight everyday since
            hope things get easier 4 you n that u n your baby are ok, member every1 to keep smiling :S


              im was only 17 wen i found out i was preg, im only just nearly 5 months preg atm,the 1st person i told was my boyfriend, then my best friend, then my parents, surprisingly they wernt too mad, just a bit dissapointed! but asfter about 4 hours they got over it and after they talked with me about it and they realised i wasnt going to get rid of it they were cool about it. it doesnt matter about other people finding out, its only their opionion, i can remember i was propa dissin this girl frm down the rd i used to no coz she got preg, then it happened to me, so unless they have bin in ur shoes or can guarantee it wont happen to them just ignore it, a baby isnt the end of the world!


                I’m in the same boat becci, im 19 and not sure how to tell my mom, i dont even know if i’llbe covered by our insurance… im so scared about money…

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