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      ryt i atopped drinkin wen i decided tht i was keepin my bby i am now 34 weeks pregnant and avent wanted to drink since i was 10 weeks but now i am realli strtin to want to drink its realli gettin to me seein ma meyts out drinkin n me sat there sober plz help xxx


        Think of the baby, Do you wanna hurt the baby. If the temptation is too much, maybe stay away from the drinking scene for a while. You dnt have long to go anyways.

        I admit to have a few drinks with both my pregnanies, never drunk but weak drinks. And think there is nothing wrong with it unless you have been told that ur baby has risks etc. But there is a point where u stop


          I was watching a medical show last week, and it was all about FAS (Foetal Alcohol Syndrome). One thing i learnt of this that you may want to remember is that alcohol doesnt just cross the placenta (so your developing baby essentially consumes it) but it is also present in the amniotic fluid. The show said this was like ‘pickling’ your baby…

          Hold on, not long now and you will have your baby, and you can have a drink to celebrate after if you arent breastfeeding.


            hiyah a dnt feel the need to drink fink i was just feelin a bit dwn n realli wanted to b able to do wat my frends du but i wunt drink ne way well my by insyd me cz she my evrythink think i just realli wanted to go out with my frends but i av tym 4 tht wen shes here thankoo xxx


              hey. I understand comletely. I don’t drink heavily, but every once in a while I want a beer or a glass of wine. But let’s face it: we can’t do what are freinds are doing and won’t be able to again, until our freinds start having kids.

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