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      Hey guys! I was suppose to get my period on October 17th and It’s the 21st now. I’m never late!! I mean ever!! I have taken 5, yes 5 pregnancy tests but they have all been negative. (I even took one today) Has anyone ever taken a pregnancy test after their missed period that has come out negative when they were really pregnant after all?? I don’t know why else my period would be lat because I’m not stressed, haven’t had any eating or excercise changes, etc… Someone help me please!!



        I went through a similar situation several years ago (except it had been almost 2 months since my last period in my case. My cycle tended to be irregular, but that was worrying me.) I had a negative pregnancy test but was still not convinced and still scared. I saw a doctor at the health center who confirmed that I wasn’t pregnant. My period started a few days later.

        Home pregnancy tests are usually fairly accurate. If you have taken 5 tests after you missed your period I would bet that you are not pregnant. I have heard of women who have a very very low level of HCG which isn’t detected through urine tests and the pregnancy could only be determined by doing a blood test. I wouldn’t stress too much, but if you are worried you could see a doctor to have a blood test or to determine if there are other reasons why your cycle is delayed. Good luck.



          yes i do my friend she is pregnet know and she took one so i would just go to the doctor


            Thanks guys. I still haven’t gotten my period. It’s now the 23rd. I’m gonna take a test Tuesday and whether it’s negative/positive, I’m going to my gynocologist. If it’s negative, I need to see what’s wrong with me and if it’s positive then I’ll be learning about prenatal care for the next 9 months. I’ll keep you guys posted so any other girl in a similar situation can maybe learn from my experience.

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