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      hiya this is so important ill be thankful for all your replys im 14 weeks pregnan and i have experienced sum browny coloured dishcharge ive bin hospital thy sed it probly nuthin to worry about ive had no belly pain at all so i think i may have aninfection as ive been weeing more thn i hav dun the hole time ive bin pregnant i am realli scared im gunna misscarry the doctors sed cum bak if i bleed ne mre as there was not alot it was just lyk i wiped myself n then its gon its onli afta i urinate this brown stuff occurs please reply asap thank you xxxxxxxxxxxx



        Please dont worry. I had that when my first period was due which i missed. Stay positive.

        And if you have anymore concerns see your doctor.

        Love Amy xx:)


          if the blood turns any other color or you have any time of pain go to the er or call your doc asap n i think you sould oyur doc now to to see if it is a infection n to make sure everything is ok. it doesnt sound like a miscarry i had one n it dont but its better to be safe. good luck


            ok i know this is gross but i’ve had that w both my pregnancy the whole 9mos and w this one as well and i’m 14wks also. the dr told me the discharge is normal bc of all the hormones in your body so i wouldnt worry about it to much!

          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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