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      ryt ano this int the best subject but i have thrush how embarrassin its in my groin area but i dnt wna go to drs cz i cnt get in n chemist to far dus ne 1 have n e other remedies to get rid of it wb plz xxxx


        Do you mean that you have a yeast infection? A yeast infection of the mouth is called Thrush. If you think you have yeast infection, the best thing to do is see a doctor. I know that you don’t want to see a doctor because it is embarrassing, but the truth is, this is very common among women. The doctor understands your embarrassment and will not do anything that would humiliate you.


          yes i have a yeast infection in my groin and cannot get in my drs for at least 2 weeks wb xxx


            The first time I had a yeast infection I was horrified and humiliated, I even had to have a pelvic exam and I was mortified, I didn’t know I was pregnant at the time but I was 5 weeks along, yeast infections can be common during pregnancy, if you cannot get into your doctor then call the office and ask a question, I am X weeks along and my due date is ___, I have a yeast infection and I cannot be seen for two weeks but is there an over the counter treatment that is safe to use with how far along I am? There are many topical treatments that you could use also, I am not a doctor but you can also ask the pharmacist, I would think that it is safe to use topical treatment (an external cream for relief of itching or burning) just do not use any kind of internal treatment (suppositories, pills, douche, or any medicine inserted into your vagina) until you get the ok from your doctor, you should not have to be seen to get the ok to use a medicine to treat this…I had a urinary track infection last week and I called my doctor, I went in, gave a urine sample and they called in a prescription for antibiotics, I never even saw my doctor….many yeast infection treatments are ok during pregnancy just make sure you hear from a doctor which kind to use…I hope this helps, it sucks to be pregnant with this kind of infection it can be very uncomfortable I have been there so I feel for you, just hang in there and call your doctors office, they should be able to tell you the info without a visit…Love Meg


              You will need to get to a chemist to get some stuff. Its common during pregnancy so dnt worry.

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