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      Well first of all im Erica and i’m only 16 years old. and i might have a problem. see the thing is i want to know of i might be pregnant or not. Because i already took 1 test that said neg. but when i took the 2nd one nothing showed up and i’m worried. i did kinda have my period but it came 5 days early and only lasted about 4 days it wasn’t much. and lately my breasts are very sore, i’ve been sick to my stomach, very tried, and have bad mood swings. should i be worried ? might i be pregnant? how will i beable to tell my mom. my boyfrind kyle i’ve been w/ over a year wants to know too. he wants us to have a baby together but not right now. you know? but other than that it’s alright we just really want to know. so please somebody if you could please help me. if you can please try to email me at well thank you for listening.

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        Dearest Erica: (Sweet Tea);

        I’m 35 and a mother of 5. I am expecting my sixth (yes 6) baby in July. I was really touched by your letter and want you to know first of all….everything is going to be ok.

        Pregnancy tests can be real tricky. The urine tests are not as acurate as they claim to be. For instance, I am about 6 weeks pregnant now, although I went to the doctor to have a blood test done to confirm, I did take a urine test (for the baby book) just two days ago…

        The plus was so faint that it looked like a negative result. Any amount of coloring even hard to see is an indication of pregnancy in those urine tests.

        My advice: Honey you either are or your not…there’s only worry in between. The symptoms your describing are preganancy and depending on how long it has been since your period (you can have spotting or bleeding and even sometimes a period WHILE pregnant) go down to your local clinic and have a blood test done! can have a friend drive you or family memeber you trust….(can you talk to your mom?)

        These are trying and tough times for you….Erica you don’t have to be alone. I understand that mom’s can be pretty tough and I don’t know your mom personally but I bet that after the shock she will be very supportive, it is her grandchild after all and nothing brings more joy…(wink except parenthood) Write anytime my handle is Oldschoolmare#6.

        God Bless You and Keep You….Lynnette


          hiya. well taking to tests is good because you get an acurate result all i can suggest is you take another or go to your doctor asap because it sounds to me as though you dont want a baby right now. if you want any more just end me a message xx steph

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