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      help me please…i really think im pregnant but i dont want the baby… not a mean person just im not up for children at my age im only 14 i need help to day is the last day for me to get the morning after pill but i dont want to go get it im scared really really scared please help me? 🙁 :ermm: [color=#0000FF”>


        Plz dont kill the innocent child growing inside carry him or her to term and give the baby up for adoption to a family that will love it and raise is as there own!


          hey iam 16 years old and iam pregnant iam 4 months i will be 5 months on may 16 and iam really prode of my baby even it wasnt plan in my life yet but you know what you should stop and think when you were a baby remember yourself and some inosent baby that is growing on your stomch maybe is going to be hard for cuz you are a teen but maybe if you talk to your parents or the father of the baby maybe you wont be think about losing the baby and if the father of your baby doesnt wont to be responsible for the baby dont worry with or with him you and your baby will be happy you dont need some that does want to be there for you or your baby ok so think about ok ………………………….. PLEASE PLEASE DONT DO IT


            DON’T do it ! I know ur young ,scared and confused and worried but it’s not that baby’s fault…… i was scared too. it’s not so bad its actually it was the best
            thing that happened to me. and i woulndt change it for the world…. 🙂


              I know you are probably very scared and you do not know what to do, but im also 14 and that is a very young age to be worrying about if you are pregnant or anything else. I know you are scared but I think you need to tell your parents and let them know and you wont be as scared. Because if they truely care about you then they will help you. Im here if you need helP!! 🙂



                Adoption is a really good idea for you, and for your child. i had an aunt who couldn’t conceve, and she and my uncle finally adopted a baby boy last spring, after 3 years of searching. you should really give it some thought. if you are unable to take care of the child, an adoption agency will put you in contact with a family that can.


                  :cheer: im 17 years old and have a 14 month old its been a struggle for me and . i was very scared and did’nt know what to do when i found out i was pregnant, i was only advice to all the young mothers and pregnant girls is dont give up on yourself have faith,no matter what negativity people portray against you know in your heart that, that child is a part of you.and yes it is scary but keep your head up if i can do it you can do it too.i still have my days when i wish i would have been more carefull but if i had the chance to go back in time i would’nt change the expierience for the daughter is what keeps me going and there are so many people who are so understanding and have helped me through all the heartbreakes, and depression. Im so glad to say that i am going to graduate in june and go to collage soon after.stay positive and believe in your self.lots of love!


                    Please dont get rid of you baby. I was 17 when I got pregnant and I made the biggest mistake of my life. I had an abortion. You will regret doing this for the rest of your life. You are strong and you will be able to overcome this and be happy with your baby. I miss mine. please sweetie dont do it. I am onl;y 18 years old and I will be thinking about this everyday of my life.


                      What you can do is to make sure you are pregnant and then confide to a family member or relative you like and can trust to help you talk to your parents. Go through your pregnancy..DO NOT ABORT! Together with your trusted relative, you can look for shelters where you can stay until you deliver.
                      If you think you cannot keep your child, please give it up for adoption. Give the child a chance to life.

                      There are many willing to foster or even adopt your child. I know, because I. myself am a foster parent and have fostered seven babies until they were adopted by loving parents.

                      Also, pray that you may go through this with strength..will say a prayer for you too..

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