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      I am 20 years old and 9 weeks pregnant. I’m just wondering…HOW DO I TELL MY PARENTS?????!!!!!!! All advice is appreciated.


        Writting is I think the best way, because you can get all your feelings out uninterrupted and plus, they have sometime to think and cool off. Talking would be nice is you are close to them or to one of them so you can tell one and ask for help in telling teh other one. Good luck whatever you choose.

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          I’m the mom of a 16 year old daughter. My best advice is to take them out to a public place and tell them there, especially if you don’t know what their reaction will be. No matter what, they love you. They may be disappointed, matter of fact or panicked. Whatever the case, they love you and want the best for you. Be direct. Good Luck!!!


            talk to them from the heart and pray about it beforehand. let them know your sincerity and that you choose to have your baby. it will be ok. you are 20 and an adult. things may not go as bad as you think.
            i am praying for you.


              hey my name is stormy. i am twenty and will be twetny one in may. i was eightteen when i got pregnant with my first son. marshall. he will be two in march. i now have a second son who is two and a half months. when i first told my mom and dad they were fine, i told my mom first. she was eighteen when she got pregnant with her first daugher , my oldest sister on my moms side, and so she understood how it was to be young and in love. my dad i was scared to tell. i didnt want him to be dissapointed in me as he always called me his baby girl(even though he has a younger daughter) so with my mom there i told him. he was quiet at first then told me that if i had been younger than eighteen he would have been upset but because i was 18 and an adult he was fine with it. when i was bout five months he actually started to get excited ( he has many other grandchildren) everytime i saw hime he would ask how much longer till the baby was here. then the day before i had marhsall my dad had a stroke. i took marshall to see himas much as i could. my dad never got to meet my second son. he passed away oct 4 my baby was only few weeks old. just tell them. you are an adult and if they dont come around at first when they see ur lil bundly of joy they will come to love him/her. hope all goes well god bless

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