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      Ok, this is super long, please bare with me. Think I o’d the end of Oct. Last REAL period was Oct 16th, and by the beginning of Nov, felt really bad, thought it was bad food, but continued til the day after turkey day, and on occasion, still feel this way. Anyhoo, major nausea. On the 18th of Nov, took a shower that morning, noticed acne. I don’t get acne..even at period time. That morning, had what I thought was a period. Brown discharge, light, turned red with small tissue that night, then continued on for 6 days with light brown til gone. Had to check the tampon several times a day cuz I thought I was done. Very unusual for me. Always have hard, heavy, and extremely crampy periods. I need a heating pad for two days! And I go through about 3-4 tampons the first two to three days. Anyways, during that “period” I cramped minor, more like pressure cramps than the usual knife through the lower abdomen type. Fiance came home the 24th, suggested I take a pg test. Went and got 2, EPT 5 days early. Took the first one about 10 am, thought I saw the faintest line possible. He couldn’t see it..I took it apart, within the 10 minutes I believe. Still there. Now he sees it. Took another one the next morning with FMU, no line, took apart after 30 minutes, then line, probably evap line. Morning of turkey day, took 2 digital tests, both negative. Took 2 more and both negative. Did I have a chemical pregnancy? Was my “bleeding” implantation or just a VERY WEIRD PERIOD? To this day, 12-6-08, I still have slight nausea, my boobs are sore, feel very heavy and full, and the soreness comes and goes. If I go without a bra all day, they are fine. If I wear a bra, then try to sleep without one, I feel like I am dying. Still have acne, all be it minor acne. I don’t get it. What’s going on with me? Anyone have any insight? I have one more test, was going to take it on the 19th if I didn’t have AF. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Also, the tests that have the faint positive, they look blue, but are so faint, it’s hard to tell. Also, turned the strip over, and the line is more noticeable. What’s up with that?


        Another quick note that I forgot to mention. My clothes are tighter. Pants that usually are loose, well, they are very fitting right now. I’m talking about size 7, 8, or 9’s fitting very well when usually size 5 and 6 are form fitting. I don’t feel bloated. And I’m STILL very moody. My feelings get hurt almost instantly. And that’s been going on since the beginning of Nov. I’m just trying to figure this out. It’s driving me nuts. I have the feeling I had a chemical pregnancy early on. I had a m/c August of 07 and I just don’t want another one. It was so hard and me and my fiance. He’s 42 and has always wanted a child and never been able to have one.


          Well, you could be pregnant; even a faint positive is still a positive. My advice would be to go get a blood test done.
          It kind of does sound like you are pregnant, so I would go get the test soon.
          Let us know when you find out, ok? 🙂


            I took a test Sunday evening when I got home. It was neg. So, I’m going to wait until my next period comes, or doesn’t come before I go see a doc. I will have to go see a new one, and therefore, a huge amount will be charged! So…due to finances, and it’s x-mas (lol) I will wait til around Dec 20th. My weird period was on Nov 18th. So..having said that, wish me luck on NO period!! Cuz I would sooooo love to give my fiance a wonderful x-mas present he will never forget! BTW, thx for responding!


              Just relax and don’t stress yourself out, as it can delay a period. A faint positive is still a positive… My friend recently had two of those and they got darker throughout the day. She went to the doctor and sure enough- pregnant!


                Ok, that’s a good idea. Keep us updated on how things go ok? 🙂


                  Well, today, the 13th, I started my period, 5 days early at that! And it’s very painful. I’m convinced that my faint positive was due to a chemical pregnancy. So, on to next month! Wish me luck!


                    yes you can be pregnant even if the tes doesnt show it correctly , you have all the symptoms of a pregnant women , you may be to earlier to show in a prego test but just wait and see what happen .


                      As of today, 12/14/08, I am not pg. Yesterday morning, EARLY, AF decided to show. And let me tell ya, it HURTS worse this time than usual. I figured that my positive test was actually positive, but that I suffered from a chemical pregnancy. Anyhoo, my body is paying for it this month. That’s my news!

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