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      ok, so once again, i’m worried about being pregnant…big surprise there, since i worry a lot…anyways, i have like half the symptoms…i’ve almost passed out three times, i’m tired all the time, i feel like i have to pee all the time, and i’ve been nausea a lot when i wake up in the morning…my periods not due till the middle/end of this month, so i can’t take a test yet. i’ve been on birth control for a month and a half now, but i know you can get pregnant while you are on it. does it sound like i could be pregnant again? i really need help about if i should worry or not, because if i should be worrying, i need to quit smoking and stuff, i dont want to hurt my baby (if there is one in there)…please help me figure this out!


        It sounds like you are either pregnant again, or you’re just having side effects from the birth control.
        You should probably act as if you are pregnant (ya know, quit smoking, eat healthy all that jazz) until you find out.
        Good luck hun!


          You might be pregnant but it might be too early to feel all those symptoms. It can also be from the birth control. You should go to your doctor and get a test done. :dry:


            Those do sound like common symptoms, dear. But if you’ve been keeping up with your birth control regularly, remember that it is 98% effective and the chances of you being pregnant are quite slim.

            I quit smoking the day I considered the fact I might be pregnant. It’s really better to be safe than sorry, right?

            Hope everything turns out for the best. :]

          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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