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      heya my bf smokes cannabis al the time and i was wondering that in the future when we want to start a family will we still be able to have kids because of him smoking cannabis all the time because his sperm is messed up because of it. please help someone thanx x:dry:


        if he doesn’t stop, and he already has messed up sperm, then o suggest NOT having kids with him because the fact that it can give u kids with birth defects


          Sorry to be blunt (no pun intended) Get a new boyfriend or be single for a while….if he is doing drugs now he will probably still do them if you are pregnant and still once you have the baby… this point he has no intention of being "a family man" if you really want to get married and have a family one day then I would suggest looking for a man who is not caught up in drugs…people used to tell me that marijuana was the gateway for all other drugs…I used to tell myself "no way, I can smoke pot and not try anything else…" well within a year or so I had done two other drugs and after like 8 years I had done everything but heroin…I have been clean of any and all drugs for about 3 1/2 years now and I have no intentions of EVER doing them again….get away from him before he starts doing everything else….Meg


            i dont want to leave him because i love him and he cares for me alot, i just wanted to know if we could still have children. he is cutting down on what he smokes now which is good and on a website it said if u want your body to go back to normal stop smoking it and about after a month it will be so he said that he will stop smoking it about 3 months before we want to start trying.


              well he could always go to the doctors and give them a sample so they cn give you guys a sperm count. that way you know the likelyness of you getting pregnant. best of luck

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