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      HELP!!! I’m getting really worried – I had unprotected sex about 5 weeks ago (on the last day of my period) and took the morning-after pill 2 days later. I had a bleed 2 days after that, which lasted for about 4 days. Usually I’m regular as clockwork, but now I’m more than 2 weeks late from the time when I should have had my normal period.

      The thing is, I feel all wrong at the moment. I feel nauseous when I wake up, I have tight pains on my right side, I’m very tired, stroppy, my breasts are bigger and hurt, and yesterday I had a funny spasm in my stomach. I felt like I could control it, but my muscles tensed up a few times. I took a pregnancy test on saturday, and it came out negative.

      Why am I getting all these symptoms?! Is there a chance the test was wrong? The woman on the till said I should take 2, but I didn’t have enough money on me.

      Sorry for the long explanation, but I need help! I’d be real grateful for any advice.


        Since you had unprotected sex during the last day of your period, it is very unlikely that you are pregnant. You can only conceive when you ovulate, which is 2-3 weeks from the first day of your last period (14-20+ days). Ovulation only lasts for 24 hrs., but you are fertile a few days before you ovulate and one, possibly two after that. I think that your period may be late b/c you didn’t take your pill correctly. You need to see a doctor immediately!!!!! How about looking up a local clinic ASAP so you can receive free services!!!!!!!

        P.S. Tell them everything that’s been going on so if you are not pregnant, they can find out what’s wrong.

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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