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      Hi guys.

      I just found out yesterday (Tuesday.) iam pregnant. I ended up telling my mum about it and she took me to the doctor’s after school staright away. I can’t beleiving this is happening!!! It’s not my fault this happened but it feels like it. Everywhere i turn i feel lkie people are watching me yet they are clueless of my fate and m baby. I don’ know whato do. I am just trying to work thoigh it all. Can i really have a baby? I cry everynight. The only person who shares my fears is my one of my most closest frinds is going through the same thing. I need some one to talk too. Please help me!!!

      PLease answer this question for me: If you are raped and fall pregnant, do u keep your baby? Wouldn’t it just be a horrird reminder of the burden that fell upon you?


        When u luk in2 ur babys eyes for the first time, u will feel nothing but love. He or she will not be a burden bt insted YOUR LIFE! out of all bad comes good, this baby cud change your life around in such a good way. It is not her/his fault that he is alive, but it is his/her right to live and he/she loves u so much. Dont give up on your baby! U r all thry have. Be brave girl!


          i can only imagine what a hard time you are going through right now. i am so sorry you are having such a tough time. we are all here for you.
          best wishes,

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            Hi Nessy, two years ago i fell pregnant after having been rapped on a night out, i kept my child as i do not believe that it was the childs fault that she was conceived. i now have a beautiful one and half year old girl, as soon as she was born i felt nothing but love for her. it does not matter to me anymore how i came to having her, what the guy did was unspeakable but that is not your childs fault. having this baby really has made the whole experience more bearable for me, out of something so horrible and wrong i gained something so wonderful and something that has really given my life a purpose rather than just being depressed about what happened.
            I hope that for yours and the babys sake that you choose to keep your child, however do not let anybody pressure you into doing something you dont want to do, if you do not feel that you can cope with seeing your child everyday and fear it will remind you what happened then perhaps adoption might be an option for you.
            if you need to talk you are more than welcome to write me a post any time and i will get back to you.
            Love Vicky



              I have never been raped, but there were a couple of times when it came very close as guys tried to force themselves on me. I can relate to how violating of a feeling that is! I would not want to be in your shoes and I won’t make any judgements about whatever decisions you make. I hope that you consider giving life to your child. It’s not your fault that you were raped, but it isn’t your baby’s fault for being conceived. Sometimes children can be a great blessing from God no matter how horrible the circumstances under which they were conceived. If you feel that it would be too painful to raise the child, adoption is always a loving option. Have you contacted the police regarding the rape? I think you should press charges so he doesn’t victimize others and has to face consequences for his actions. Best Wishes.


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