help i think i am pg and dont know what to do

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      help me please i think i might be pg and my family is thinking it to but i dotn know how to tell my mom it is hard… and i dont have money to go get a pg test right know so i dont know what to do my mom would help me but right now i am scared i have no clue on how to tell her that i might be pregnant or even when i find out and if i am how to tell her What DO I DO?


        you need to just tell your mom so you can find out for sure. she’ll be there for you. trust me i went thru the same thing. I was 15 when i got pregnant a month before i turned 16 and I had to tell my mom or else i wouldnt be able to get proper care for the baby. I now dont regret a thing and would not change anything now that i have him.


          Hi There!! I think that you defenitely need to tell your mom. The worse she can do is just be mad at you. The mature thing to do is to tell your mom you think that you are pregnant so she can go take you to get a pregnancy test. and if you are pregnant just ask out of the kindness of your heart and ask your mom to help you. Im sure she would!! Im here for you



            Tell your mom. You have to trust her. She loves you and she will help you. Tell her how hard it is to talk and how scared you are and how afraid you are she won’t love you anymore or she will be angry with you. Then tell her what is happening. You shouldn’t go this alone. Parents get upset because they share your experiences. What happens to you happens to them. At the bottom of that is a tremendous love. Your mother would walk hot coals for you. Nearly all mothers would. You are her baby and she will take care of you.


              take a deep breath and ask to talk to her alone with out anyone else in the room.ask her not to get mad before you tell her and ask her not to tell anyone else because you need to tell the others.tell her that you need help she will understand tell her that you think that your pregnant and need an pg test and ask for help from her.


                Sweety, first of all how old are you? Why do you suspect that your family thinks your pregnant? Is it that obvious? How far along do you think you might be? If it is that obvious that you might be pregnant then the cat is out of the bag with your family and you might as well confess to your mom. You might be surprised that your family won’t freak out on you as you think they will. The bottom line is that you need the help, you don’t even know for sure if you are pregnant and you need to find out if you are, so if your mom can help you get the test and such then you need to tell her.

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