help! how do i cope with the loss?

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    sophia roses mummy

      its nearly one year next wednesday (9/9/08) i have my little girl on the way (22nd november 2009) and this is getting harder and harder by the day i dont know how much more i can take! please someone tell me how i can cope i keep argueing with my boyfriend about it and its just not fair any more and its unhealthy but at the moment i just cant stay calm! 🙁
      i just cant cope with loosing my baby last year and now im having a baby in a few months and shes a girl and sasha-lou was a girl agh i just cant cope! 🙁 i just feel so depressed!

      gabby /x


        Hi i am new to this but just a week ago today i had an abortion and it was the hardest thing i have ever done in my life! So i feel your pain but you just have to keep thinking about the little girl you will be brining in this world soon! I know its something you will never forget i understand that completey but you just have to keep positive thoughts about your new arrival! Think about how nice it will be when you get to hold your baby girl for the first time i know it has to be hard and i am sorry you have to go through that! i wish i could help! :dry:


          i am sorry bout what u went threw but may i ask why u made your choice


            I Know exactly how your feeling, i lost my baby when i was 20 weeks pregnant last year and its the hardest thing ive ever been through, i’ll never get over it but i will learn to accept it, im currently 14 weeks pregnant again and mixed emotions of fear, anger, guilt, happiness and depression have come over me. i felt like i was replacing my first baby, but i reasured myself that it made me a better mother and a stronger person. i cant give you a away to cope with your loss because you will cope with it in your own time and your own way, you should allow yourself to greive and give yourself time to accept whats happend. i wish you all the best and please message me anytime if you feel you want to. x

          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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