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      I am 7 weeks pregnant, but I don’t feel anything. I mean – nothing, no nausea, no cramping, no sore boobs, absolutely nothing! Is this normal? My doctor said its normal when i was about 5 wks cos I’m still early but I just wanted to know if anyone else has experienced this. I did my first ultrasound when i was about 5 wks and the doctor told me they couldnt really hear the heartbeat, but she said I should not worry about it because I’m still early. Well, I went for another ultrasound today and I didnt hear any heartbeat. Is this normal at 7wks? Or is it possible that they muted the ultrasound machine so that I couldnt hear anything. I asked the nurse after the ultrasound if everything was ok and she said they’ll send the results to my doctor, so it might be another 3-4days before they get the results to my doctor and my doctor calls me for an appointment. My boobs used to feel heavy just when I wake up in the morning, but now that doesnt happen anymore. I also used to have lots of vaginal discharge but i havent seen anything in 2-3 days. I guess the only positive thing is I’ve gained 4 pounds and my mouth still feels bitter but its not as bitter as before. I’m just so confused, wondering if everything is ok or not. Someone please reply…

      worried girl


        Hi, with my first child I didn’t feel anything or get any symptoms until I was 6 months pregnant. I believe you are still pregnant. You may be just focusing on it too much. I considered it being lucky because I didn’t get all the nausea, sore boobs… etc. Jus don’t stress.. everything is going to be okay! 🙂


          Hi Hun,

          I was xactly the same as you i had no pregnancy syptoms what so ever, i am now 19weeks and 1 day and all is well with my little one, try not to worry everything will be fine, i know its hard not to worry but trust me i have been there, you will be fine!

          Take Care.

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            how bout this….i went to the hospital at 6wks thinking that i had had a miscarriage, and thats what the doctors told me…some of my symptoms went away, but my period never came back….i went back to the doctor an it turns out that i never miscarried…i was 12wks then….but i dont have all of the symptoms…they never came back…so dont worry…juss keep doing everything that youre supposed to and things will work out for you…btw you probably wont hear the heartbeat or see it on the ultrasound until youre about 10 wks

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