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      I was 4 months pregnant and planning on keeping my baby i was showing and everything. It was the most difficult decision that i had to make. But the father of the child told me that he would punch me in my stomach to kill the child. Also said that he would end up killing the child, me and him. Threaten me that he would quit his job(he runs his own business) that the law would never find him to pay child support.

      Than he later told me that if i kept the child that he would get custody of the child. He was going to try to prove that i was an unfit mother(which isn’t true i didn’t want to kill my kid).

      After all of the stress of it i new i had to make the worst mistake of my life was to kill my child.


      1). He tells me that it wasn’t a kid in his eyes and thats fine but it was to me. He says that’s a not true even though it was a fetus at that point.

      2). He tells me that i just need to move on and get over it. He won’t tal to me about it because he doesn’t wanna hear it.

      3). I’m trying to heal but i got my heart ripped out of my chest i thought he cared about me, but he doesn’t. All he can think is i want this women out of my life.


        If you haven’t had a abortion than dont follow ur heart and it doesnt matter what it is now!!!! Its whats its gonna be in 9 mnths and thats a lil baby girl or boy . But if you have had a abortion


          I already had the abortion i didn’t want to deal with are kid knowing that daddy really didn’t like him or her. He talked big about getting custody of the child but i know that he would never. I just want someone to talk to about the abortion because he doesn’t wannna hear about it.


            i was pregnant 9 weeks 2 days when i got my abortion. i wanted to keep my baby so bad but the dad told me he WOULD NOT be there for it. and i don’t have the money to have a baby i was 14 and 364 days old. the dad came to the clinic with me but wont talk to me about the abortion and i wont talk to anyone cause hes the only one i want to talk to about it.
            an the other day he told me if i would have decided to keep it he would have been there for it. and the only reason why he decided to be so mean to me was because he knew i wouldnt keep it. since i grew up without a dad i didnt want my child to have to grow up without a dad.
            so i cry myself to sleep every night and im crying while writting this. i need help but only from him. if you have ay advice PLEASE help. i wish i would have kept my baby i regret it and i will never let myself forget about it. i will always love my unborn child that was sent back up to where ever it came from <3 i love you my darling guardian angel.


              Hello, I had an abortion in feb. i was 6 weeks and 1 day. my due date is coming up nxt month and im hurting so bad inside. ive developed so many problems physically and mentally. but the last person i can talk to about it is the father. we already have kids together, and its hard to have made that decision. but he isnt someone i can talk to about all this. he just tells me to go get a therapist, and im going to. its good to at least have someone. just know you are not alone!


                My heart goes out to you for I have walked in your shoes. I went thru with an abortion and regretted it for many years after. I suffered emotionally, physically, mentally and most of all spiritually. Aborting my child is something you never get over, it left me feeling empty and depressed for many years. I met a women where I worked who shared in my experience and we both decided to go for healing at a place called Rachel’s Vineyard. We attended a weekend retreat and shared our experience with other girl’s and women. I should have attended this retreat many years soon, but was not ready to face what I did. Attending Rachel’s Vineyard was the best experience I could have done in helping myself heal the guilt, anger and emptiness that I carried around for years. I strongly suggest that you google Rachel’s Vineyard and find out when and where there next retreat will take place. You will not regret going. I wish you all of Gods blessings, Healed.

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