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      hey is it possible to become pregnant without having actual sexual intercourse? anyway at all..i mean, i know its a stupid question, but trust me, its important! im chattin on behlaf of a non member huz a bit scared to ask n aint got internet at home lol. so as iv been thru this all b4 i thought id ask for her hahaha. as far as i am aware, her n her bf have got close n stuff n done everything but full sex but she havin full symptoms n faint + mark on hpt lol n is a bit scared. i mean, how long can sperm live outside of the body, etc? cuz she mentioned bout him touchin her n stuff after doing certain things to himself, if u catch my drift. im no dr, so wud be nice if sum1 cud help me help her lol. cuz shes to damn stubborn to go to the docs lol. help please!!!


        to my knowledge sperm cannot survive outside of the body..she might be having a false positve on the test…and the symp. could be from stressin n thinking bout it (done it b4) so..tkae another test i would mayb 3 n see wat the most popular ansewr is…good luck to ur friend!


          Sperm can live on the outside of a males body for a couple of hours and it is possible for your friend to become pregnant if it is in contact with her vagina within a few hours after the sperm is outside of a males body. Since you say she has a positive test just to be sure take probably 2 more test and if they are don’t correctly and they are still positive she should go to the doctor. Good luck though


            well yeah it is, there was who i knew who got pregnant by having dry sex…if any sperm gets on the vagina…it only takes on sperm
            she should go get a blood test or somethin

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