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      So i took a pregnancy test yesterday and it came up positive, but it was kinda faint. My mom doesn’t think it’s positive, but i really think it is..she says that if i don’t get my period, we will go to a health center near us. She also says that there’s a pill i can take that isn’t an abortion pill, but i think it is. I’m really scared..she can’t force me to take it, right?


        Hi Again-
        Please remember that you need to have missed your period by at least 5 days for a pregnancy test to be accurate. I don’t think you have gotten to that point yet, have you?

        Yes, any pill that will end a pregnancy is an abortifacient. And NO no one can make you take it. It is your body, your choice!
        If you will go to and type in your zipcode, a list of pregnancy help centers near you will come up. Please call one of them right away. They can help you with all of this and can give you a free pregnancy test when you have missed your period.

        Let me know if I can help some more!

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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