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      Hello. I am in a tough position and I dont know who else to turn to. As of right now, I have had a rocky on and off relationship with lets just say my “mike” for six years. We dated for three years and then for the past three years have been working on getting back together, but there is so much emotional turmoil and things we have done to each other in the past that neither of can get over. I know that we both love each other and care, but still, the relationship isnt healthy. I found out i was pregnant a week ago and when he found out, he has very strong feelings of getting rid of it. We are not ready to be parents, have a lot of work on our relationship, cant financially support a child etc. However, I honestly do not know if i can go through with abortion. I know that the time isnt right, but is abortion really something I can deal with for the rest of my life? I am having a really hard time making this decision and know that I (we) are the only ones who can make
      it, but it is taking a huge toll on me emotionally. I want my child to have the best life possible, and i know that if i decide to keep it he may turn around, but can i base my decision on a maybe??? My heart is telling me to keep it, but my head is telling me no way. I don’t really agree with abortion, but i fear that if i keep the baby, my relationship with mike will be over and he will resent me for the rest of my life. I really dont know what to do and would appreciate any opinions or input.


        I am going to keep this short and sweet, if I am right by the time you finished writing this you made up your mind that you want this baby and will fight to the death to make sure he/she has a good life…I can feel it through your words, you will not make it through the abortion, you will lose your spark, your dignity and all sense of worth…You already love your baby and it really does not matter what he says, this is YOUR baby, he can be a part of the blessings that come along with this new life or not, his choice, but YOU need to do what YOU know is RIGHT, The temporary struggles of pregnancy, child rearing etc are minute in comparison to the PERMANENT struggles and regret of abortion….I hope you follow your heart and let your baby experience life! Love Meg,


          :unsure: i don’t abortion should be on your option list as it will make feel bad at the end of the day.any children havebeen raised through hard times,not having fathers but still they grew hinkof all the saness you will face aftr having the abortion.let od handle your unorn babies future.don’t only think of your boyfrinds feeling but strongy think about yourself first. :blink:


            Jacqueline, I know that it seems there is no way out, but there is. Let me tell you my story. My husband and I can’t have children. We want children so badly and are unable to have them. It has broken me. Did you know that the minute Mike’s sperm fertilized your egg that all the DNA for your baby’s characteristics was there. The hair color, eye color, sex, etc. Did you know that your baby’s heart will beat at 18 days? That is just 4 days after your missed period.

            I know you love “Mike.” Please consider that he might not be the best for you if he is not there to support you either way. You want to spend your life with a man that supports not only your decisions but LIFE. He is in this as well. Aborting your baby is NOT the way out. You will be haunted the rest of your life for that decision. It will break you spiritually and emotionally.

            Nine months is only temporary. It is a short time to sacrifice for your baby’s life. There are thousands a woman who hurt to have a child and would love to be a mother to your child including myself. Many couples will adopt your baby and let you stay in the baby’s life. There are places you can go to live while you are pregnant if you want privacy.

            I pray that you choose to let your baby continue to live. It is not your baby’s fault. He/she is helpless in the situation.

            Please contact me if you would like to talk. Sincerely and out of love I write this.

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