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      As many might have seen on my profile, i not long just lost my baby on the 25th of december but i still feel like its my fault and i keep blaming myself even tho i try not to and my boyfriend tells me it werent my fault why our baby died but i just feel really down and only him and 1 or 2 other mates in school know so i dont really have anyone to talk to but his mum has a MC before she had his sister now and that is nearly a year ago she had her but she knows what im going trhough but i dont know weather to take the advice she is going to give or leave it cuz things are already awkward cuz even tho we speak it aint that much and then she is going to give me advice on dealing with this. If i take the advice would it bring me and her closer so we might talk more or is it going to drive us further apart????
      Any advice on how to deal with this and what i should do involving my boyfriend’s mum… Thankz for any it will help a lot cuz im really struggling with it mentally and emotionally, i dont show it but deep down i am and it hurts, so any adive will be great

      Courtney xx


        first of all, im so sorry you lost your baby. talking to your bf mom will help you get through it. even if its just her sitting there listening to you talk about your feelings and hurt and crying while she sits and listens. the most important thing for you to remember is that it WASNT your fault. things happen for a reason. She has already been through a MC and can help you handle yours. make sure to stay connected to your friends and bf. dont close yourself off from him either. yes he doesnt know exactly what you are going through because he physically didnt lose a baby, but he does have hurt as well. both of you need to keep talking to each other , comforting. maybe if talking to his mom doesnt help go find a pregnancy resource center around you and talk to them about it. 🙂 please keep yourself healthy too!!! ill be praying for you lady 🙂


          yea maybe i should actually speak to her:), well seen she knows she should be able to help me through this. well its only 1 mate in school and a few others that know and tbh they dont really know very much, maybe 1 or 2 know more than the rest and they are helping a lot. this has hit me and my boyfriend hard cuz when we want to talk we cant, we have to argue, get upset with eachother till one or both of us is crying and then we can talk, but we are thinking of setting one day a week that we sit down properly and talk if thats the only time during the week or whatever but we are thinking of doing it. yea well ill see how much the talk helps and if i still feel real down then ill find people to talk to about it. thank you for the advice, its helped and tbh i cant wait for his mum to speak to me i just hope i dont break down in front of her cuz she has never seen my proper cry like my bf has and he hates it when he see’s me that upset. but thank you, you’ve made me see hope that i can get help from people that are close to me 🙂 xxx

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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