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      me and my boyfriend split up over preonal issues which were veery serious and we dont talk i found out im pregant but hes dosent know he dont want kids until hes about 20 we are both 16 because of this i was thinking about not telling him because he might want me to abort it and i dont want that my mum dont know but she will be very supportive of my choice. should i tell him or not?


        he can not MAKE YOU abort, but he IS THE FATHER and he does have the right to know it. it will be his choice if he will be in the childs life or not, but he doess have the right to know it.


          I think you should tell him, he is the father and deserves to know. He cannot make you have an abortion. Im glad your mom is going to be supportive and goodluck !

            Hunnie, Don’t worry what he wants.
            It’s what you want for your baby, not him.
            your the one who is going to have to take care of it and carry it in you bell for NINE months!
            So yes you should probably tell him.
            you never know. Maybe he will man up and wanna help with the baby and be part of it’s life.
            but no matter what it’s your choice hun.
            Who care what he wants.
            keep me updated:)
            I hope everything goes well.

              hi everyone
              i got back with my boyfriend today after we talked things through i havent told him yet but my friends pregant and i was looking up baby clothes on the internet and my boyfriend said i want a baby with you so im planning to tell him the next time i see him i will keep you guys updated thanks for the help xxx

            Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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