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      i need some advice off anyone who will listern i am currently a single mum of two i live on my own and dont get much help from my familly, i have just found out am pregnant with my 3rd child the dad dosent want to know and wants nothing to do with the baby he wants me to get an abortion my parents think the same as im only 22 they dont reckon ill cope however i still dont know what to do some1 please help!


        The decision is up to you. He don’t wanna be there? Well put him on child support. Also if you are eligible for welfare etc.. then the money that the govt. payed you by the time the kids 21 have to be payed by the child’s father. This happen to my friend he lost his house AND his car.


          hey, i am here to listen.. I am againist abortion,. but i am here to support you… There is so much help out there for single moms. I know alot of ppl that have had abortions and they regret it, my cousin had some 7 years ago and she is still upset about it….


            tell them that you ca do it on your own., 😉 i hope everything will be fine., don’t get an abortion.,

          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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