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      I found out I was pregnant about a week ago. I told my “special friend” and his reaction was; this wasn’t supposed to happen have an abortion. I explained to him that I do not believe it is my choice to end the pregnancy and I will not put myself through the emotional trauma. He keeps saying that we were supposed to go no where. Well I made a dr. appointment to have an ultrasound and he suprisingly went with me. And now he is refusing to talk about the situation but wants to go to appointments and be involved in making the decision. Well I have had three children 9 (parenting) 8 (adoption) 5 (parenting). I do not think I can handle another child alone right now and his actions and classification of our relationship show that there is a good chance no matter what he says when it comes to it I will be doing it alone. But he does not like the idea of adoption because he doesnt want a baby to think he just didnt want it. Well I know that the couple that adopted my son would love to have another baby and I would love to give him the gift of a sibling. I don’t know what to do! He sees no reason to make any choices at this time (his words). I explained that it does need to be decided in advance for planning purposes. If he does not want adoption it will cause emotional trauma to all parties and if I keep the baby I will be toughing out being a single mother of three so he can save face. Any suggestions on what I can do or say to him to get communication going? Thank you!


        YOU are the mother. You will give birth and be faced with the consequences of this pregnancy. YOU do what is best for you. Sure, talk to him and include him and get his opinion. But ultimately, this is your baby and need to do what is best for him/her and your other children. Good luck. 🙂


          I agree with Autumn but I would like to add that in doing what is best for all involved I know that giving this child life is 100% the right thing to do, I totally understand your dilemma and I think that you are very wise to seek advice, but the truth is that you have a responsibility to this child, whether you parent or place your child with this wonderful adoptive family I know you will do fine in life, I think it would be amazing if you were to bless this family with a biological sibling, that is so special, I have no doubts that you are fully capable of handling three kids though, you just really need to pray and focus on what is best for your circumstances and like I said abortion is not the answer, I hope this helps a bit and I am here to talk any time….Love Meg


   a mother of 3 with another one on the way. So I understand how overwhelemd you must feel.I truly think abortion isn’t a good choice for you or the baby. have you looked up information on abortion and the risks’? or even placement for the baby if you choose to not parent him/her? Maybe the more your friend goes with you to the doctors..maybe he’ll have a change of heart.guys react diffrently when it comes to being a parent..especialy a 1st timer :)It normaly sinks in when the baby is born or when they see an ultrasound or feel it kick ya know? I hope you do the right thing. please dont abort. Good luck 🙂

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