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      i had unprotected sex about 3 weeks ago. 5 days ago some brown blood came out… it wasnt alot… but this is how my periods usually start so i figured i was just startign my period but sincce then i have not bled much… maybe the size of a penny… if that… and its been 5 days since this started… soo wat could this be


        If you are having this type of discharge each of the 5 days, then this could possibly be your period, just a lighter than normal one. There is no sure way to find out though unless you wait until you show up late your next due cycle. Then, I would recommend having your blood tested at your clinic. They are very accurate.

        If you aren’t married and having unprotected sex with your boyfriend…you need to seriously consider holding off. As you may not be pregnant now, but could possibly become pregnant before your next cycle begins. Is that what you want? Is this what he would want? Are you and he married or planning to get married? These are things that need to be considered before you have premarital sex. You may want to have a heart to heart with your boyfriend and decide what would be the best for your relationship. If it is to continue…you may be bringing a baby into the world if you don’t abstain. Any other form of birth control out there is aimed at making money for the companies selling them. They are not out to keep women safe…no matter what they claim. They are dangerous, lethal at times and can have lasting affects on an unborn child or on the woman, to the point of infertility.

        Abstaining from sex until marriage is the healthiest, most mature and natural choice that should be practiced by all couples.

        Your decisions now can affect the rest of your life….whether your pregnant or not. STOP and think about what it is you are saying about YOURSELF by the way your living. Is this something I will be proud to look back on in 20 yrs?

        God bless,


          its only done it like twice in the 5 days…. yes he does want a baby… but me im not so sure about it all… i dont know if im ready… and expeccting teens to be abstinent is unreal…. there are very few who remain abstinent… i realize that its so much better to wait but idk…


            Your boyfriend wants a baby and you’re not sure? Are you willing to carry a baby through your teens and finish high school all on not so sure? I would listen to your concience Ashley. God’s trying to tell you to wait. He’s pleading with your heart to tell you, “wait until your married”.

            I’m sorry, but I disagree…..Yes, I expect teens to wait and remain abstinent. It’s the RIGHT thing to do. It IS NOT unreal to expect better out of them….I’m hoping that they rise to the bar that I’ve lifted. If people don’t expect better out of young teens, and tell them so…..where will there ever be a challenge for them to be something better???? Something the world desperately needs is for teens to be better than what we’ve allowed them to become.

            I will not lower the bar on standards with regards to pre-marital and teen sex. No matter who I offend. I will not say, “Oh well, it’s a hopeless cause. It’s alright….just go ahead and have sex, and I’ll have to wash my hands of the whole thing and look the other way.”

            Sorry, that won’t come from me. Because I’ve witnessed the other side of morality in teens and I KNOW that teens can do it!! Where they are still virgin and proud of the fact that they are hopeful for a future marriage with one partner..where they respect the opposite sex and understand that unless they are of age to make a marriage committment, then there is no sexual relationship, or for that matter frivilous dating. They pray to resist temptation….and replace that desire for healthier activity. Sports, music, christian prayer groups, and doing things with groups of friends who also respect waiting until marriage. Friends remaining friends until there is a definate connection between a young man and woman who are sure, they are meant to be together. THEN, and only then do they make a committment of marriage to one another and continue abstinence until their wedding night. This is not imaginary…..this is true christian virtue among a LOT, not a few…A LOT of teens!!

            It’s not unreal….it’s just foreign to society as we know it today. How will teens ever know how it’s suppose to really be if no one will raise the bar on them and tell them. How will they ever learn that they are worth more, their body’s are worth more as well as their purity…..than to just give it away to everyone who thinks they’re beautiful. What will be left of that precious gift God gave each one of you, that should be left for your lifetime partner? It is how marriage and having babies was intended to be. It is what’s NOT being taught in the homes in the world today….it’s not being taught in school at all….Just contraception….because we know you teens are out there having sex!!!

            I know teens who aren’t, and from the sounds of it……you don’t seem to want to be part of the crowd who are. It’s your choice to stop this way of living and choose a healthier one. But you can never say that no one ever taught you how it’s suppose to be….No one ever tried to guide you down the narrow path, the road less taken….the one towards God and a life of abstinence until marriage.

            Ashley, I’ve just raised the bar on you….and I know you can do it. I hear it in your words.

            May God give you the courage to live a life of abstinence and virtue from this moment on and encourage others to do the same.
            May he watch over you as you go about your day and protect you from all temptation.

            God bless,


              thank you for your advice… as stupid as i know i sound there is a part of me that wants a baby… but im the girl whos good… gets really good grades… wants to go to medical school and be an ob/gyn… but theres jsut this part of me that wants a baby…. is that wrong or stupid or not normal? i talked to my god mother about all of this and she said alot of girls want a baby… mostly girls who come from a split family or girls that have been abandoned by many… well that girl is me… my mom had me when she was 17… my biological dad has beeen in prison my entire life and when he did get out he told me and my mom that she had raised me my whole life that she could finish raising me… and i never saw him again… then my step dad who i called dad, when him and my mom got divorced he kicked me out of his house because of his new wife… the dad i knew for 12 years now has absolutely nothing to do with me… all my moms boyfriends that i have became close to after she breaks up with them they then have nothing to do with me… i try to explain this to my mom but she doesnt listen… she just makes me feel guilty… i get blamed for alot of things that i know deep down inside arent my fault but i still feel like they are. im 15 years old and my boyfriend is 21. i know this is a big age difference but he hsa been there for me thru thick and thin and has never once pressured me to do something i dont want to do. he works and has a good paying job… hes not just a lazy bum. hes an amazing person! and i love him more than anything… ironically we have the same birthday… i know that he really wants a baby… and i know financially we will have anything we need… we plan on getting married when i no longer need my moms consent.


                I’m sorry that you are feeling the effects of your parents bad decisions….it happens to most people. Dysfunction is everywhere. Now, you are trying to make sense of your life as a result of what you’ve experienced from the adults in your life. If you want a child, that in of itself is a beautiful calling from God. Motherhood is the epitome of grace and femininity. You are giving your life and your body to create another human being. Discuss your concerns with your boyfriend and share how your feeling about it. Wanting to wait is not a curse…it will be a benefit to all concerned and a way to show true love to your spouse on your wedding night. If he is serious about you and respects you and your concerns….then he shouldn’t have a problem with it. Would he want you to go through having a baby now? He’s willing to wait and marry you when you no longer need a parents consent……it seems that if you got pregnant now, that would complicate things for you. Not make them easier. Think about my suggestion. God seems to have brought you two together and if it is meant to be….a delay in having children won’t destroy that bond.

                God bless!! Keep me posted.


                  you really have a way of talking to people! thank you so much. i understand wat u mean about it complicating things… it most likely would! plus im really not sure how my mom would react to it all so waiting would be the most mature thing to do! o and i did start my period the other day so im not pregnant or anything. but again thank you for sharing your opinion!


                    You are so very welcome!! You’ve made my day with your decision. God puts people into our lives to help us along our journey to HIM!! I want to give back to you what some have done for me in my life. I pray every day that just one young girl will hear God speaking to them through me. He has just answered my prayer.

                    Remember, when you are faced with temptation to give in to pressure, whether it’s with your boyfriend or girlfriends, God wants more of you. He has given you a second chance to start your life over…TODAY, this minute. Don’t look back, just ask God to guide you and be your source of strength.

                    Peace be with you friend,

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