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      My Name Is Ally, I’m 15 Years Old and pregnant. I’ve been considering abortion but i havn’t even told my parents yet. I dont know what to so scared..the father is somewhat supportive but he’s a jurk. my boyfriend is being extremely supportive even though this isn’t his child.


        hey Ally!
        welcome on the site girly, and congrats on your pregnancy!!
        look, im not pro-life or so, im pro-choice, but you have to know how your future will look if you choose A and how if you choose B.

        i had an abortion, it wasnt me who choose A but my doctor did…it affected my life, i feel sad still (its been 2 yrs), i miss my baby, i keep askin myself how he would look,and everything around it. i know it was a mistake, it may be hard having a child so young, but i know that when hell be born everything would settle down, and everything would go just fine..

        now i choose option B, yea im still scared a bit, but im soo in love with my baby i cant even tell you.

        how far along are you? you see, its great your bf is supporting you, that means alot..

        hope all will go just fine, keep us posted!
        love, Monika


          Hey ally,
          im 17 and just found out im pregnant too pretty scary at first..i havent told my parents yet but everyone assures me it will be fine!
          But seriously, dont take abortion lightly..i remember being fifteen and saying oh my god if i ever got pregnant i’d be straight to a clinic.But my brothers girlfriend had a baby in september and since then i couldnt even begin to imagine having an abortion.It sounds like your boyfriend is handling this really well and if he is willing to support you then you dont even need your ex boyfriend. It will probably be tough but you really shouldnt think abortion unless you really feel theres no other options and you should definitely talk to your parents before doing anything rash! hope this has helped! just take your time and make the right decision for you


            That’s so great that you are reaching out for help. I would love to share with you that what you carry inside of you is in fact your baby. Your child. Your baby has a beating heart, his/her own DNA and blood type. The gender of the baby might even be different from you! I know it’s scary, but what you hold inside of you is a truly a baby…your baby..Please do not abort your child. God loves you so much, and your baby. Don’t let anybody convince you to have an abortion. Abortion stops a beating heart. Let your baby live..I’ll be praying for you. If there is no way you can raise your baby, there is also the option of adoption, because there are plenty of couples that cannot have children…But please, I beg of not let abortion be an option for you.


              Hi Ally. 🙂 I’m fifteen, too, and 28 weeks pregnant. Although my boyfriend is supportive and a great guy, I do know what you’re going through. I’ve seen it with a friend of mine and it’s very rough to get through this. But you can do it without him! It’s nice that you have your boyfriend now to be there with you to support you through this hard time, but this baby is a child and should not be aborted. This is a life. Remember that. You need to stand up and make the decision to keep the baby or give him/her up for adoption. You’ll be so much happier.


                Hi and welcome to the site. I just wanted to let you know that I have been in your shoes twice, once at 15 almost 16 and again at 18. The first time I was pressured by my parents to have an abortion and it is something I will never forget. For years it was very difficult for me. I still remember the day my baby was supposed to be born. At 18 I got pregnant again and I KNEW I WAS GOING THRU WITH HAVING THE BABY. My daughter is now almost 6 and she is the best thing that ever happened to me. It did not ruin my life like my parents said it would. So sit back and think about it, you are the one that is going to have to live with this decision. Best of luck. Jessica


                  i’m going to be honest i’m not going to tell you not to abort or anything but being 15 and pregnant is hard. really any age and being pregnant is hard.

                  have that little life inside of you is a blessing especially when you have that little blessing and hold him/her.

                  i got pregnant when i was 15, i was scared to tell my parents but when i did they took it okay… so who know ur parents might not freak out.


                    my parents are pushing me to get an abortion.
                    i really dont want one.
                    my boyf wants the baby too.
                    but everyone is different., but read the stories of girls who have been there – gaurntee you’ll give birth.
                    im not a big christian or anythin , im not married and im only 18 , but if i got an abortion i kno id always think what could have been…..

                    tell your parents – i was so scared tellin mine , and i was right at first they were ok.
                    now they not talkin to me at all coz im keepin it , and they hate my boyf.

                    if you dont kno how to start the convo you can do two things
                    !1. say the smell of food cooking is making you sick, . ect .. they will ask you !
                    or 2 . wait untill your about 7 weeks ( countin from 1st day of your last period) and go to a&e complainin with pain in your side and stomach. they’ll think appendix 1st and then figure out your pregnant and tell you and your parents – you act stupid , parents will feel sorry and wont be to mad.

                    hope i helped coz i wish someone would help me.



                      You should talk to your parents. I am not sure what your story is but, you should at least talk to an adult you trust.


                        Hey girly. I got pregnant at fifteen to and it was incredibly scary. I don’t think I’ve ever cried so hard in my life…I wanted an abortion but after a long time thinking, I knew I couldn’t. Guess what? My boy just turned one the day before halloween, he’s the most amazing little thing, walking all over the place with his naked bum, smilin at me with all of his four teeth, soapy curls in the tub and a hug and a kiss at night. Kids are amazing, don’t let your age take that joy from you. Don’t think of yourself as a teenage mom, just think of yourself as mom, mamma, mother, Mum. It’ll be harder, that’s for sure. But it is SO worth it.

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