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      I am 5 weeks pregnant and was hoping to get some advice and real life stories from girls about all 3 options. I’m only 17, and really confused about all of this. Any advice and support would be great. 🙂


        I’ll share my story with you and hopefully it’ll help. I’m 16 years old right now and I have a son who is turning a month old tomorrow. I’ll be turning 17 on May 31 and my boyfriend will be turning 19 at the end of September. I found out I was pregnant in a hospital with the only people around me being police officers and a social worker. I had never told my mom that I thought I could be pregnant, but I did tell my boyfriend and a couple friends of mine. After me and my mom got into a major fight, I had threatened to kill myself and she called the police, hence why I was in the hospital withe the police and social worker. I took a pregnancy test at the hospital and it came out positive. All I did was cry, I was so scared. And I had no one to talk to, since I didn’t have my cell phone. The police called my mom and told her and asked her if she wanted to have me sent to a mental hospital. She luckily said I could come home and picked me up. After she found out I was in a much better mood because all the stress of not knowing and not letting her find out my fears went away. My boyfriend was shocked when I told him, but he had been waiting for the news as long as I had. Telling my dad (my parents are divorced) and my boyfriend’s parents was scary, but we got through it and my boyfriend’s dad was actually happy. To make a long story short, I had a relatively uneventful pregnancy. I didn’t lose any friends due to my pregnancy and ended up getting closer to my mom and my boyfriend’s parents. This whole month that I’ve been a mother has made me cover every emotion imaginable. But I’m happy with where I’m at and how my life is going. I’m still going to graduate high school, by getting an equivelency diploma, and i still plan on going to college to study nursing. I don’t see this pregnancy as destroying my life, but actually making it better and proving how strong I really am. Before I got pregnant I was failing school and getting into lots of fights with people, but now I’ve stablized my moods and my grades have went from mostly Fs to mostly As…I hope my story helped some…Keep me updated as to what happens with you. If you have any questions, just sign my guest book. Good luck making your decision.


          Hey there my name is Meg and I came across your post and I wanted to pass some cool info on to you…no matter how scary it may seem to know that you have a baby growing inside of you at 17 years old it is not the end of the world and you can find so much blessing in being a mommy, even when it has come by accident… I became a single unwed mom at 19 and I was just as freaked out and I was so lost on what to do, I really know how you feel…So anyways I would not recommend an abortion, not only does it end the life of your unborn child but it is also a huge medical risk to you as well as emotionally devastating…Adoption is always a loving alternative too, I am going to give you a couple of links, one is for an adoption site that will help you discover if that is what is right for you and baby and also a couple of links to some neat pictures so you can see what your baby looks like this very moment…
          This is one of a 5 week baby,
          this one is just two weeks later, see how fast your baby is growing and looking more and more like the little
          person that he/she will become…here is the link to the adoption site that might help you in finding answers,
          There is nothing more spectacular and rewarding than being a mommy though, it is tough and there are many challenges but I would never take back the decision to be a mommy…I hope this has helped a bit an I can’t wait to hear what you are going to decide…remember we are all here for you!! Love Meg


            Hi,I’m Savannah.I became pregnant when I was 16.My boyfriend was 17 at the time & we had been together for a little over 1 yr.I took a hpt when I was 12 days late & even though I knew deep down that I was pregnant, I was still shocked to actually see that positive result. Matt(my bf)is the most amazing guy in the world and told me that whatever I wanted than he would be there for me through whatever decision we made.I didn’t think I could handle having a baby at that time, what would I do about school, my friends, & my family?

            I made an appt for an abortion, but I never went.The day of the appt I couldn’t go..I guess I knew when I found out I was pregnant that I didn’t want an abortion but I thought it was the best thing at the time.His parents heard us talking about the pregnancy and figured out what was going on.His mom told me she loved us both and would help us as much as she could.

            We waited until I was 4.5 months to tell my parents.I was SO scared & when I told them my father freaked out.He came around and actually got excited as time passes.Matt moved in with us so we could take care of the baby together.I had a beautiful baby boy Landon Alexander on July 20 at 11:32pm.I was 17 & a jr in high school. Matt & I finished school and than I went to school for esthetics and make up artistry.Matt went to an art school for graphic design.When Landon was almost 1 I got pregnant & miscarried at 13 wks.We were so crushed but I then got pregnant again 1 yr later.I was 19 at the time & I had a toddler.I had no idea how I was going to handle it but we decided to keep the baby.My baby girl Jacie Rae was born Nov 10 at 7:08am.

            With the help of my parents Matt & I worked and finished school.We lived w/ my parents in an in-law apartment at their house.We basically had our own apartment but it was in my parents house.We saved money and we just bought a house and are getting married May 24(2 wks!!)I never thought I could have my babies and still have a sucessful life, but with LOTS of help we did it.Think about what is best for you and your baby.You’ll know in your heart what you want.

            I want you to know that if you have the baby, than you can do it.It’s so hard, & trust me we’ve had a lot of ups & downs but I’ve learned more from my kids than I ever did from any teachers or family members.I’m a stronger person because of what I’ve been through.I wish you the best of luck and I know everything will be okay. Things just have a way of working themselves out in the end. I’m here if you want any advice or just need to talk. Take care.xoxo


              Hey there,
              I found out that I was pregnant when I was 17 also. My bf at the time was really freaked out and wanted to walk.

              My mom was pretty supportive. She took me to get a pregnancy test because she *just knew*. It was a really quiet ride home.

              When my bf told his mom she flipped out. She was really pushing for an abortion, and at first, I was ok with that.(She was going to take me it for it…) I was just like "Ok, whatever. You know what’s best." I just kinda went with the flow. When I decided that I wasn’t going to have one, she was really ticked! What took me a really long time to figure out was that this baby that I was carrying was MINE. No body else had the right to tell me what to do.

              When my MIL and I now talk about it, she says that she is really glad I kept the baby and that she is sorry for all of the things she said/did. She always made me feel like I wouldn’t/couldn’t amount to much. Boy was she surprised!

              So I had the baby, a little girl, who just turned 15 yesterday:woohoo: ! It was a bumpy road, but I made it. I finished hs, went to college, married my bf, bought a house, and now am a stay at home mom to our two boys…and daughter!

              Feel free to pm me anytime.


                I kept my baby…it’s hard at first but iwht love and support from your friends and’s not that hard…Kepping the baby was the most amazing thing i have ever done!!!!


                  Heey. I’m seventeen as well, except i have a son thats one year and 8 months old. With the right support and love from your family and friends it can be one of the best experiences of your life. Choosing to keep my child as my own was the best decision i have made so far. I love that when he wakes up his first word is "mommmma!" he says it soo happily like he cant wait for me to come in there and pick him up. I love that when he falls down he looks to me for support. I love that he tells me he loves me and kisses me. I love that he copies everything i do. I loved teaching him how to walk, and hearing his first words. He’s my favorite part of the day, he is the reason i wake up in the morning. I honestly could not imagine my life without him.

                  So basically i love him.

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