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      Hey ladies, i have a question from one mother to another other…how can i help my baby:( she is having such a hard time pooping:(…what i can do to help her?:(…i’ve tried gripe water…it works but she hates the taste of it…i’ve tried actually water it takes way to long to work she still is in pain…i don’t know what else to do i feel so bad that i can’t help her and i cind of feel like its my fault that she is this way because i’m the one giving her the formula:(.


        put 1 oz of grape juice in her bottle if that doesnt help then 1 oz of prune juice one of those will work i promise you!!!


          Have you called the doctor and asked for a recommendation on a different formula? I think your baby might still be too young for prune juice but you can definitely ask. Massaging your baby’s tummy in a counter clockwise circle helps and a warm bath might also help your little one to relax and poo 🙂


            my daughter had the same problem. We were having to giver her Kayro syrup and supositories everyday! I changed her formula to the Enfamile Gentlease. For babies with fussiness and gas. and she hasn’t had any problems since.


              I’d say you’ll just have to keep giving her the gripe water even if she doesn’t like it.
              Also, try massagine her tummy in the counter-clockwise direction, and also do the ‘bicycle’ with her legs, I used to do it so my son and he used to calm down to that.
              Can you check with the doctor to see if she’s on the right formula? She may have problems with the current formula she’s on…
              All the best.


                well def talk to the doc my daughter use to have to use supost. alot n my doc also told me to use a termartor when you know she had to poo with alot of vasline on it n prune juice works to but it could be her formula so if that dont work def try a new formula see what your doc says i hope something works i know its hard to see your baby in pain been there done that., good luck


                  its so hard watching ur baby in pain. My daughter had big problems with poops. I tried prune juice which didnt work, boiled water and sugar, also didnt work and coloxyl drops which went into the bottle and they kind of helped after doubling the dosage. I cried once watching her. pushing the knees into the chest does work a little. I hope you get it sorted soon

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