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      I got pregnant a year ago, but had an abortion because my boyfriend didn’t want the baby. I found out that I am pregnant again, and I decided after the abortion that I would never do it again, so I decided this time if he didn’t want the baby I would give it up for adoption. I want the baby, but my boyfriend says he doesn’t want it, and he won’t let me give it up for adoption the only thing he will let me do is have an abortion and I don’t know what to do! He says it would ruin his life, and that if I did keep it I am controlling his life, and stuff, but really I think he would just be embarrassed to say he has a kid. Should he have a choice in the matter? Should I keep the baby even if he doesn’t want me to? Please Help.


        well then say goodbye to him and make up your own mind. he has no say in what you do with your own body. it is not the man’s choice once you become pregnant. tell him to go to hell and then decide if you want to keep the baby or give it up for adoption either way you will be alot more happier then getting another abortion.


          You do what YOU need to do, not what he wants you to do, that sickens me how he’s manipulating you and offering you no support what so ever, what an ass. I’m fuming. Sorry hun but this guy really needs to get his shit togethor and understand how much he’s putting you through. Is he the same boyfriend that got you pregnant a year ago? If so, he expects you to get anotehr abortion after getting you pregnant for the second time?? If he doesn’t want kids so bad why doesn’t he go get a vasectomy instead of trying to make you suffer each time you guys are faced with such a decision like this. How many more abortions will he force on you? If you don’t get support from your boyfriend then just screw him, he’s not a part of it anymore, now it is up to you to make the decision whether you want to keep the baby or not. I choose life for my baby when an abortion was available…how about you?


            It is YOUR choice not HIS!..its your body, not his, if he didn’t want a kid he shouldnt be having sex because theres always that chance and he needs to live with it! Abortion shouldn’t be used for a type of "birth control" and that is the way he is making it. it isn’t right at all. Screw him if he don’t want to be there, if you think you can handle it go for it, even if hes not there then thats his own fault. Sew him in court, get child support and make sure he dont get to see the baby if thats the way he wants it. Like i said if it would ruin his life so much to have a kid, he should think about that before he has sex with someone. because most people would thing that that is a blessing, like i understand if hes scared and all of that but he should reall think before he does things thetn. He shouldn’t have the choice at all, he choosed once, and hes been pushing you around, you dont want the abortion, you want the baby so why should you ever have to go through that pain of having an abortion is beyond me. i would say that you should keep the baby, like i said both of you made that baby and both should take responsibility. hopefully you make the right choice! good luck!

            princess Angela

              This guy is obviously not worth your time….. He needs to remember that he was the one that got you both in this situation not saying its all his fault but he had a helpin hand in it so he needs to just pull up his pants and be a man about it…..He is going to be a dad…….This choice has to be yours and yours alone i know how you feel i would never have another abortion when i fall pregnant again i will be keeping my child whether the father is around or not ……If he loves you he will stop puttin pressure on you and let you make your own choice……You obviously want the baby so keep it……



                i dont think that it is the baby that you need to get rid of… i think you need to lose the boyfriend…. it sounds to be that he is just dumb and that he is trying to control you… and you dont need to do that… you are a woman… remember that.. you are strong in your own nature… naturally… and that is something that he cant ever take away from you…
                if you want to give your baby up for adoption then you can do it.. that is better than abortion… but that is also your choice… and for the most part in most state you dont have to list the daddy… so dont even associate that loser with YOU and YOUR baby…
                and you make the decisions your self…

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