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      hey everybody my name is laura am 17 goin on 18 in september n basically rite now am 10 weeks pregnant n dis is my first child.. i decided to have it … but am havin many problems… my mother already knoes n she wants me to get out of the house … i really want my baby n i have no place to go… am tryin to lo0k online for shelters n stuff like dat but i dont find anythin.. am feelin very sad.. cuz i got no help from no one…



        I know that at this point, the biggest temptation would be to just do what your mother wants and move out. I’m a guy who’s usually of the opinion that parents who act like this and ask you to move out are just parents who are hurt and disappointed with their child and especially with themselves.

        Here’s what I suggest: Don’t just up and leave yet Wait a while. Don’t be too anxious to get out of your mother’s house without trying to fix things. I’m not even saying you should just stay there for the rest of your life. At this point, you really need each other and your moving out may be the easiest but not necessarily the wisest thing to do. Try to patch things up. Explain to her in as calm a manner as possible how this happened to you and how you intend to fix it — with or without her help.

        I think she needs to know now that you can be mature about this and not throw your life away. With so many teenage moms struggling with their lives and in the meantime making life very difficult for their kids, it’s really not that hard to understand why more and more parents of teenagers are more easily upset by things like these.

        Show her that you can be responsible. Running out the door will simply confirm the notion that all you’re good at is running from responsibility and not facing up to them.

        ON the other hand, she may be trying to teach you the very hard way how it is to be a parent and that is to do it alone.

        Regardless, before you go on with this pregnancy, talk to her. If necessary, seek help as to how to bst approach her. Find a relative or a family friend to help you and to act as arbiter in that conversation.

        Whether you leave home or stay there, you have to know what each other thinks and feels. You just can’t leave it like a gaping wound.

        If you really need help as to where to run to, though you may not be Catholic, try and find the nearest convent and ask for help from the nuns there. There are so many congregations of nuns who will help teenage mothers and they don’t really care what faith you practice.

        I’ll be praying for you. Pray for yourself, your mother and your baby.

        BTW, you didn’t really mention anything about the baby’s father. What about him?

        Take care, honey.



          Don’t give up. I have been in your place and it is hard. But if you want this baby then don’t give up on it. I still have it hard and my daughter will be one in November and she is happy and thats all that matters. Is your happiness and your childs, if you deicde to keep it.


            did you know that your parents can not kick you out until you are 18, if you get kicked out you are suppoesed to go to the police station and tell the police.


              maybe talk to your mom and explain why u wanna keep the baby and see what she says


                Hello !!

                ive read your story and i think it was strong of you to keep your baby as it deserves a life… why dont you try and talk things over with your mam… tell her its the right thing to do and you couldnt kill your baby and ask her what she would do if she was in your shoes.. put things in perspective for her. tell her as soon as the babys born you will look for your own place but you just need a place to stay for a while till you have a stable amount of money.. tell her that you really need her right now.. have you no other family to go to or friends?? maybe you could live with them for a while ? hope this helps and please keep me updated on the news.. thanks.


                  I’m sorry to hear about your situation. Are you still with the father? Would a friend or family member let you stay in there house for a while. You can go to the doctor and ask if they know of any place you can go or to the state building and they can offer some help. I’m sorry i’m not much of a help.


                    Don’t give up, cause if this is what you want then do it. I’m rasing a 8 month old and i’m again prgenat , but this time with twins. When my dad found out about my daughter he kicked me out that day. I had to pack as much as I could in an hour. I know what your going through but it is worth it when you see that little baby for the frist time. My dad has yet to allow me back into the house but now I live in a apartment with my daughter and I’m doing it on my own, no help from my daughters father, even though he does cause a lot of problems. Just trust that you can do it.

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