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      I have questions…. how long does it take for you to start eating more and gaining weight? because its been about a month for me and im eating more and ive noticed weight gain. can you gain weight this soon? im not sure if im pregnant, im just gettin symptoms. At first i felt sick to my stomach but that was like the fisrt week and now it went away. is that normal?i think i had implantation bleeding. It started out as drops and then a couple days later went heavy for like 2 days. but not heavy like a period. Could it have been implantation bleeding? My period usually last for like a week.

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        Hey! I am 2 months pregnant, and the doctor told me if that ever happened to me, just to be sure, to go and consult a doctor. It could be implantation or it could be a sign of an early miscarriage.

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