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      can you get pregnant if your boyfriend just gets off on your "down there" parts? or if you smear some of that stuff over your vagina? i’m really scared and i don’t want to get pregnant just yet. PLEASE HELP ME!


        is there a nyone out there who can help me?


          hi,sorry if this scares you and im not meaning to but yes you cna get sister got pregnant by her bf cumming on top of her..just think wen a guy cums there are thousands of sperms and it only takes 1 to get you pregnant..theres a very small chance you are but you could be..just wait to see if your period comes,if not do a test.i have done 4tests and all came up negative but i still think im pregnant because i just keep gettin bigger and having more symptoms so im in a weird position too.just do a test ok and let me know how you go…good luck…daniella


            Hi there…I am not a doctor so I can’t give you 100% accurate answers but my guess is that if even one sperm survives and makes its way inside then there is a chance of pregnancy…I remember what it was like to have pregnancy scares…I didn’t want to say no to my boyfriends but I wasn’t ready for a baby either…it is a tough decision when you are in the heat of the moment….I lost my virginity at 13…I remained sexually active for 10 years and I had way to many "partners" to even want to name…By the time I was 22 I was pregnant with my second…I had two kids by two dads before I made the choice to remain abstinent….the kids were the outward evidence of my choices..but… my thoughts and in my heart I hurt so bad…I felt so used and after all of that time I spent fooling around and having sex I thought of myself as a used up piece of trash…guys wanted to sleep with me but they didn’t want to commit to me or take care of the out come…their kids…my encouragement to you would be to practice abstinence…it is the only form of birth control that guarantees NO BABIES….if you don’t want to be pregnant then this is your best way to go…now from the sounds of it you might not be having sex…but …if you are fooling around and exchanging bodily fluids you are not only putting yourself at risk of pregnancy and feeling used but you are possibly putting yourself in direct contact with herpies, ghonorreah, clamydia, warts, PID, crabs, HIV / AIDS, Hep B or C, etc.etc…there are so many diseases out there…think about your future a little bit…do you want to transfer something like this to your future husband??? Do you want to be able to have kids one day??? Make your boyfriend treat you like a lady and stop letting him get down your pants and putting you at risk for all of these things…….you are worth way more than that and you deserve better…I remained abstinent for 3 1/2 years until my wedding night, I have been married for 7 months now and I still battle with feelings of worthlessness because of the choices I have made in my past…I am so thankful that I never ended up with any diseases or even worse..AIDS….but…I did end up with two kids, I love them so much but they would have had it alot better if I had waited to have them when I was married…Please consider abstinence..It was one of the best decisions I could have ever made next to going to heaven and keeping my babies….I hope to hear from you sometime to tell me what you have decided to do….Love Meg…ps…if you miss your period you should take a test just to be on the safe side….


              well, good news is that i got my period yesterday morning, so i’m not pregnant! it’s both a relief and a letdown at the same time. i want to thank all the people who replyed to this topic and helped me get through this. 🙂 and to reply about what some of you said about my boyfried, he treats me like a princess, and i’m going to have a talk with him about how physical we’ve gotten in our relationship. 🙂 i’ll talk to you all later!

              -Stef <3

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