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      ok so on january 6th i had sex for the first time. i waited until the 19th and took a test and it was positive. but then i got my period on the 24th. after my period i took 2 more tests both positive. on february 6th my boyfriend and i had sex and he came in me since it really didnt matter because i was pregnant already anyways. but i this month i have my period. is it normal to have your period with your first pregnancy or at all or am i just not pregnant?


        you should go and see a doctor. some people do have periods through out there pregnancy. my mother had her period every month on time when she was pregnant with me.


          I don’t know, That sounds really confusing and nerve-racking! THe best thing to do would be to go see your doctor right away. Good luck!


            I agree that you should see a doctor. Sometimes when you miscarry a test can still show positive untill your hormone level is back to normal. And please stop having sex before you get sucked into that lifestyle!!!! I was in that horrible loop for 10 years. I started at age 13 and finally at 23 and pregnant with my 2nd child (both have diff dads) I made the choice to wait untill I was married. That day came 3 1/2 yrs later and it was a long lonely wait but it was worth it. I know you are probably thinking "well Im only having sex with one guy and we are in love and I lost my viginity to him so im not doing anything wrong." But what you dont see is that if you dont stay with him and get married then you will hit the rebound and jump into bed with someone else and your excuse will be "well its not like Im a virgin anyways what have I got to lose." Listen if this guy you are with loves you and you love him them get married. But if neither one of you wants to get married or your not ready yet then you should not be having sex. Whether you are prenant with his child or not he does not own your body. And if he wont marry you in order to have sex with you then what exactly does he want from you??? Sex with no committment. And that my friend just isnt love. I hope that you get to a doc soon and find out what is going on but I also hope that this experience will mature you and cause you to make better choices….with much love and prayers…Meg

          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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