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      hi there… i’m feeling a bit confused at the moment. i had unprotected sex (a one night stand) just over a week ago. At the time I’m pretty sure it was during the ovulation stage of my cycle. i’m worried i might be pregnant – i’ve been getting funky headaches, a little nausea, lower back pain and needing to wee more often than normal. is it far to early to be feeling these kinds of things? i think i could just be worrying far too much too!!! i need some advice…please



        hey how old r u? and r u hoping to get pregnant? the onli thing u can do either way is wait till your period is due and if it still hasnt come after a week and your feeling different, take a test. good luck honey xxxxxx


          you can start to get pregnancy signs as early as the day after implantiation…but u can’t take a test until after you miss a period, so stop worrying, because worrying alot about anything can also make you sick…..


            you should take a pregnancy test. that way you know if you are for sure or if you are just making yourself nervous

          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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