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      This is my first pregnancy, and I’m now a little over 5 months and not showing a bit. I can feel it when I’m lying down but that’s it. Does anyone know the average time pregnant women begin to show? It’s silly, but it’s beginning to drive me crazy!


        First off always make sure you let your doctor know of ANY concerns you have, never feel strange about asking him/her anything about pregnancy, this is your first time around and they should understand all the questioning…I have a friend who is very athletic and slender, she has such tight tummy muscles that with her first pregnancy she didn’t begin to slightly show until about 7 months, yes I was jealous because I was bigger than her without being pregnant than she was at full term….LOL, just the way her frame is and how tight her muscles were she just never got big, same with her second pregnancy and now on her third she is about as big as she was at 8 months at 5 months…LOL…then also some woman who are overweight may not show very soon either, I fall in the category of right in the middle I started showing at 4-5 months with my first, about 3 with my second, and now at #3 I was showing within weeks….I am just now 13 weeks and I feel like I look huge, all of us have different bodies and we all begin to show at different times, I think it mainly has to do with our build, shape, and previous pregnancies….in your case this is your first so if you have the type of body that conceals better then you probably don’t need to worry, but never hesitate to check with your doctor as I am not a nurse and this is not medical advice, just from one mom to the other, also some women who have a very long torso will not show for a while either because the baby has plenty of room to stretch longways…so there is my two cents on why you may not be showing yet, I hope it helps…Love Meg


          I didnt really show until 7 months with the first. I remember talking to a friend at 6 months and i told her i was pregnant to which she replie ‘you cant tell’ lol…
          Im 14 wks 6 days with my next baby and i look like a whale…I started showing before 9 weeks.
          Everybody and every pregnancy is different. 🙂


            yep everyone is different and so is every pregnancy but if you have any concerns on the babys size then get everything checked with a doctor. It might help ease your mind.

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