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      I JUST DON’T IF I SHOULD TELL MY PARENTS IF I AM PREGNANT THOUGH WHAT SOULD I DO? :sick: :sick: :sick: :angry: :angry: :huh: :huh: :blush:


        how old are you?


          Oh my! Yes, you should tell her your parents, or at least one of them right now. If you can confind in someone else, besides your parents, and trust them- then tell them for a few days and see where it goes. If you need help on telling them.


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            Hi honey, my name is Breanne and I am very new here, but I would like to help you.Now, I am 25 years old, and I just had my first baby about 5 months ago. Even though I am 25, I was so scared to tell my parents that I was pregnant. I am not married, but I am with the baby’s father. And my parents are old fashioned and think you should be married and all that stuff.
            I waited until I was probably 4-5 months pregnant before I told them. And I told my mother first ( she was the easier of the two;)
            Then I left it up to her to tell my father. I didnt call the house for almost a month bc I was so scared he would flip out.
            Both of my parents were really upset and disappointed in me. Well, let me tell you something. Everything changes when the baby is born. They are so happy and they actually thanked me for having her. Now, I was into some pretty bad stuff before I got pregnant, and this baby pretty much saved my life and opened my eyes.

            How old are you?
            Your parents will most likely be upset. They WILL get over it, trust me. There is nothing that can be done, and they can not change what has already happened. So, be brave, and yes, tell them.
            You cant just wait until you are huge and really far along, or wait for them to say something about the way you are gaining weight and eating. I dont know how close you are to your mom, but I am sure that she will "know" that something is up, even if you do not tell her. Moms know these things, I dont know how, but they do.
            Take the first step and show that you are responsible, by sitting them down and telling them what is going on, and what your plans are for you and this baby. I am sure they will feel a little better knowing that you are responsible enough to plan your future from this point as a result of having a baby. It is not going to be easy and they will most likely flip out. But you need to tell them. Especially if you are under 18, and still live with them.
            Good Luck with this, and Congratulations onthe baby!:)
            If you need anything pelase let me know.



              you have to tell them. If youre a teen living in their home, then definitly tell them. You need to go to the OBGYN and get all these tests and you have to watch your diet, theyll eventually find out anyway when you start to show. The sooner you tell them the better


                I was 19 when I had my little girl and I was scared to tell my parents and the dad was even more afraid to tell his.
                When I told my mom she nearly celebrated right infront of me, I waited a little longer to tell my dad (They aren’t together) and he was sad that I didn’t tell him sooner.
                As for the father’s parents they told him that he either abandon us and stay with them or abandon them and stay with us… he chose us. But after our daughter was born they invovled themselves in our daughter’s life and were finally happy about it…
                The major conclusion to that story is that the parents were in the end happy about the baby –
                The father and I are no longer together just so it’s known. I’m with a wonderful man and him and I are trying for a baby now!
                Tell your parents, the more you keep it away from them the harder it is on them, you, and the harder it is to tell them when the time does come.


                  May I ask- have you told your parent(s) yet?

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