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      hey everyone! im 16 and in 13 days i will be 17 and im 5 months pregnant. The father and I havent talked in 3 months and so of course im all alone… he doesnt plan on being there… when i found out 4 months ago, i was hysterical i had no idea what to do i cried for hours! then i realized that i was foolish to act that way my mother is a teen mom and so is my sister…. i knew that they both were strong enough to handle this situation…. and i help raise my nephew he spends almost evryday at my house while my sister is at work so i know the whole thing is difficult really difficult. lately as my stomach is starting to show my mother will find out and then i will be kicked out because im not her blessed child im her unwanted but she had no choice but to have me because her parents said so… nice, huh?? but lately i have been almost doubting that i can be strong enough to do this… to have my child… i dont believe in abortion or adoption (yeah i know its funny not to believe in adoption but i dont) and i want my child i really do he/she wouldnt be a mistake or unwanted of course not but sometimes i just doubt myself that i will be able to handle this all… is anyone out there that knows the feeling or has been through this in a way?

      jjs mom

        honey i think you need to tell somebody if you can’t tell your mom then maybe tell your sister, trust me it is so much better when somebody knows and can help you sort those feelings that you have, even if you tell an adult that you trust. it is not safe to keep it to your self you need prenatal care and what happens when you are about to give birth what will you have for that baby?? you need to get yourself prepared for this baby, and the only way to do so is to admit your pregnant tell somebody sweetie


          Hey. I’m KINDA in your position. I’m 16 and I’ll be 17 in 17 days. lol so were pretty much the same age. I’m 25 weeks along which technically is like 6 months and a week so were pretty much the same amount along too. lol My fiance is there for me and so is my mom. I didnt really have a family life before my pregnancy and now i dont have a family life AT ALL. so i mean, i guess you could say that sucks lol. well anyway, if your mom is a teenage mom and so is your sister, then i dont understand why she would kick you out. I mean, i know what it feels like to be the unwanted child. I get reminded of it EVERYDAY, but i mean, she was a teen mom also. Idk.. Your mom CANNOT legally kick you out. She can send you to a foster family, but she CANNOT just kick you out on the streets b/c you are still a minor. Me and my mom went through all that bull crap b/c she tried to kick me out w/ me still being a minor. So, your homelife might suck, but your mother has to feed you and keep a roof over your head till your at least 18. As far as abortion goes, its too late anyway. You cant get an abortion if your more than i think its like 4 months or something. I dont believe in abortion either. I only believe in adoption if for example, your 12 and got raped and pregnant. Thats all though i hate how people go out and have sex, get prego, and decide they want to giveup their child for no reason. lol well now that i wrote you a novel, get back to me if you need anything :-p



            Hello! I am not sure why you think it’s funny that you don’t believe in Adoption. However, I do. I think it’s great for people in your situation.

            I wish you the best…

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              [color=#800080]have you even been to a doc yet?…if not u NEED to get to one very soon….you are past due for many vital checks if u haven’t gone yet……and also u could have gotten an abortion up to like 20 wks….now it’s too late….i hope all works out for you…..besides, i’m 17 and pregnant…..i am going to be graduating early and i’m not due till about may……and ur mother would get in big time trouble if she tried to kick you out whereas you are pregnant, that would be child endangerment to you and you baby… trying to not write a novel here, best of luck and keep posted…

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