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      [b]My name is Lacey and ‘m 14 almost 15 and I just found out that i’m pregnant and I told my boy friend and he said that he would be there for me but i have heard of guys saying that but later on they don’t want any thing to do with u or the baby is this true about most guys?:huh:


        When I got pregnent I was 15 years old and everyone of my friends ended up having babys months I did and all the guy are still with them. So do not worie so much:)

        Andrew G.

          Every situation is different.

          But personally I choose to stay with my girlfriend and support her in any decision she makes.
          Best of luck.


            Hi Lacey,

            I was young when had my son, I was 18 and the father of my son said he would be apart of his life and hewas until he got married to someone else. |We weren’t dating at all even when I did get prego so itwas alright that he got married but he stopped seeing our son and he hasn’t seen him for six years. I was upset about it but he started to be inconsistant and it would hurt my son worse than if he was to just leave for good and that’s what he did. I’m not saying that this will happen to you because all men are not like that, but it is normal for them to get scared though and hopefully your guy is cool and supports you in this pregnancy, it will be good for the both of you, but if he turns out to be the guy that says one thing and does the other and takes off and runs then he isn’t worth it anyway. I had been a single mom up until april of 2006 and I enjoyed every moment of it and it wasn’t always easy but it was definetly worth it. So keep your head up you will get through this and you will be blessed by your baby and please don’t forget that. This advice comes from a 28 year old that started a troubled teenage life at the age of 15 and didn’t stop until I was 25 and my son suffered because ofmy actions but it was him who saved me from further distruction of my life because when no one loves you your baby always loves you no matter what and it’s all worth it and now I’m married to a "man" who honors me and loves my son like his own so even if your boyfriend doesn’t stick it out someone special will come along.




              I have found that it is true, especially when you are so young. My boyfriend (now Ex) was extremly excited when i came home to tell him that i was having his child, I was 15. And when i was in the delivery room, giving birth to a 8 lb. 7 oz 17 in long child, he was out with a girl that he had been sleeping with for almost my whole pregnancy. Be careful what you believe, but then again I am pregnant now and my finace and i couldnt be more happier, and he is sticking with it, he is nothing like my Ex.


                I know just how you feel the same is happening to me but im only just 14 how about you sit down together and talk about it and make him feel a part of it just try it ,it worked for me XxX

              Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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