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      im 19 and 5 weeks pregnant and i have no idea what to do. my heart wants me to keep it and my heads telling me not to. i am no longer with the father of the baby but he wants me to keep it and says he will be there no matter what. i believe him but im not sure if he’s someone i want to have a baby with?? im in college at the moment and i know if i keep the baby i will have to take a break but is it worth it in the long run??? i don’t know! i know that i will finish school no matter what but now its just going to take so much longer. am i being selfish for that though?? i don’t know i need some advise from someone if u were in my shoes what would u do? HELP ME!


        You could always listen to your brain and your heart and put the baby up for adoption, then you won’t have abotion on your conscience, but you won’t have the complications of raising a child. If I were in your situaion, that is what I would do. Good luck in your choice.


          🙂 theres also open adoption…. u give ur baby up for adoption but u also get to see your baby.. and the adoptive parents become ur family.. u could go to school and know your baby is in a good place.. u pick the family..

          dont worry though u’ll be fine.. i personally am 18 and would never have an abortion i would rather know my baby is with a good family.. a family who could not have a child of there own. think about it!! good luck in ur choice

          love heather


            i had a baby 3 months ago and i was a single mom and you know when i found i was so scared and frightend and you know what the dad left me but you have to be strong no matter what right? for the baby…. i had a beatiful baby girl and you know i meet this amazing man and he is bringing the both of us into his life. you do what you think is right, but don’t forget it isn’t jsut about you anymore it is about you and the baby. k
            email me anytime,
            19 yrs old.

          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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