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      Hi guys, i had an abortion 4 months ago becoz i got pregnant on the pill and my bf of over 2 years didnt want me to have it and neityher did my family. They are usually VERY supportive and i know they would have supported me either way, but i felt i had to do it to make them happy, as i was scared of losing my bf.
      Last week i found out i am now pregnant again, i absolutely HATED myself after the first abortion and i dont think i could go thru with it again. Im so scared now becoz my bf is acting wierd and angry with me and im getting the feeling hes going to want out. I really really love him hes pulled me out of a LOT of bad problems ive had and hes turned my life around, n i dont want to lose him. Im so so scared and i dont know what to do.
      I want this baby and i couldnt go thru with another abortion but im not sure im ready for a baby, as i am an apprentice and only 20.
      any adice anyone has to give wold be great. Thanks =)


        PLEASE don’t have this abortion! If you feel in your heart that you want this baby, then have this baby. If you bf can’t support you in the decision, then let him walk because you have to think about it: he will lay down with you and make a baby, but he won’t take responsibility for his actions. That does not show sign of a good mate for you. You have to think about it this way, is he going to be good husband material? If you can’t honestly say yes to that question, then you don’t need him because really if he isn’t, then all you are doing is wasting your time with him. My best friend was sleeping with a married man at one point in her life. She got pregnant by him and he denied that it was his. She had an abortion and it threw her into depression really badly. Well she moved on from that experience and got pregnant again later down the road by another guy. She was scared to death because she knew her parents would be against her, and the father would not be around. But she just knew that no matter what happened, she could not have another abortion, because it killed apart of her. She gave birth to a baby boy just 2 weeks ago and she could not be happier. She is doing it on her own, and she is a stronger person for it. Please don’t listen to anyone except yourself. You will be o.k.


          Honestly it’s your choice but like you said you hated yourself after the first one right? I had an abortion to when I was 17yrs old and not a day goes by about me not thinking of this child. I’am now 21yrs old and I’am pregnant again. I thought of abortion, and I just couldn’t go through with it. I remembered all that pain I suffered from before. Then I thought about adoption & thought this is what I may do. I’am now 24wks pregnant, and I actually fall in love with my unborn son. After the ultra sound I saw what he was doing inside me. He was doing flips, sucking his thumb, and basically having his own lil party inside me. I knew from that day on I couldn’t give my son up, so I now decided to keep him. Maybe if you decide you can go througgh with adoption,but who knows maybe you will fall in love with unborn child, and decide to keep him/her.
          best of luck on your decission, and I hope you choose what is best for you. Do whatever will make you happy…I know this is an emotional time, but you will get through. Just keep thinking of everything, and don’t let anyone influence your decission. IT is entirely up to you!!!!


            No offence, but, you need to suck it up. I was only sixteen when I got pregnant for the first time, and I knew deep in my heart that I loved and wanted my baby no matter what anyone said or did, and I was unemployed. Luckily, my boyfriend, who is now my husband, supported me through it all and we now have our first baby who is two, our second baby, who is seven months old, and I’m pregnant with twin baby girls. I never regret the decision that I made even though I have no friends, no money, and no life, because my kids are my life, and no matter what anyone said, I wouldn’t have ever made another decision, because I’m happier than I could have ever imagined. If you love your baby, keep it and screw everyone else, or you’ll regret it for the rest of your life.

            Good luck and God bless,
            Michelle J.

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