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      well im 17 and i am 7 weeks pregnant….my bf is 19 and he is really happy. we are both happy i guess. i just wasnt ready to drop everything in my life….and im sick all the time and i hate it. im failing all my classes at school and i am a senior so it sucks. we are keeping our baby…i just…its just all really hard for me. it came to quick. way to fast. and now its here…..but im happy. its just really hard. how can i just make myself happy about this baby?


        Sister- you can’t MAKE yourself happy about a baby…first you need to grieve your losses in life and then after that you will be free to feel happy and excited about the new baby. With a pregnancy (at any age or stage of life) it means a HUGE number of changes for you as a woman. The baby changes what you eat, how you sleep, when you can go out and what you do everyday. It changes how well you feel (like morning sickness and the fatugue with the 1st trimester) and it changes how you look at yourself. In a VERY short time you went from a carefree 17 yr old with an unlimited future, to a MOM (yes, you are already a mom, it’s just that the baby isn’t out yet)! You still have a future full of potential, but it has a specific course since every decision you make will first consider your children. Your life will be about the baby first, then yourself and the baby’s father. It is a BIG change and it is only natural to feel sad, scared, confused, angry and a little depressed about it all. Allow yourself to feel all those things for a while and don’t force yourself to "stuff it down" or ignore those feelings. Get them out by talking about them with mature adults in your life and you will see that in time you will accept the changes this baby brings and you will be excited!

        One more thing sister-focus everything on your grades and taking care of your body. Those two things are the most important to both you and the baby’s future. You will have LOTS of time to spend with friends and your boyfriend after you graduate. Your high school diploma is your ticket to college- which is your ticket to giving your baby and yourself a great life. Even if your boyfriend makes good money and is involved with the two of you- you must not ignore your own education and future. Promise yourself you will do your best in school and be a strong, educated and compassionate mother. I know you can do it!


          wait until you get your first ultrasound, then you will realize how much you love that little peanut growing inside you, it is ok to feel the way you do, I was sixteen and seventeen when I was pregnant with my first one and I was horrified, and unsure at first, but when I saw that first ultrasound picture, I fell in love, and I still love my son more than life itself, so don’t worry, the love will come

          Good Luck



            I’m only 15 so this might be a little wierd. lol… but you can’t just make your self be happy about this baby. Don’t worry though you will, you just need some time to get over the "baby blues" πŸ™‚ But the best of luck to both of you πŸ™‚ you in for a fun ride. But not start worrying yet, just take one day at a time. And sooner or later it will all just fit into place.
            I’m glad that you are chooseing to keep your baby πŸ™‚ I wish you all (the baby and your boyfriend) the best of health and love with this journey of life. I hope that both of your guys parents are supportive of your dission.

            God Bless You,
            and happy times

            Always praying for you,
            Luv Yah!
            Sarah G.


              I’m glad to hear that you are going to have the baby and that your boyfriend is there for you! Hang in there! The first trimester is tough. I had no energy and was sick all the time πŸ™ But the morning sickness will get better. It’s tough trying to balance pregnancy and/or motherhood and school. In my case as a full time grad student, but from what I remember of high school it wouldn’t be any easier – perhaps harder.

              Yes, there will be big adjustments and big changes in your life. You may miss out on some of the carefree times that you would otherwise have had, but you will also find yourself blessed. Pregnancy is not easy and the sleepless nights that sap your energy in caring for a newborn are tough, but when your baby smiles at you it will just melt your heart and you’ll realize that all the hardship was worth it.

              You may have to make adjustments, and changes to your plans but your life is far from over. Don’t give up on your dreams. Like was already said keep working towards your education and striving to be the best you can.


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