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      im 15 and i am pregnant, i dont want to be but my family is against abortions, but if i keep the baby it is gonna b hard, i am in my last year of skool and i am sittin my gcses in may,june time. it is hard for my family at the moment because my sister who is 18 has a 10 month old baby. i didnt want to have sex at my age but i got forced into it by my best mates bf, because of all this i ave started to cut my wrists, i dnt no wat to do, shall i ave this kid or not? i dnt no cause i want a live and if i do go thru wit an abortion it mite ruin my life


        First of all, never cut your wrists. I am sure your family and friends would not want to lose you ever. Were you literally forced into sex, or was the guy several years older than you ? If he forced you or is alot older than you could prosecute him for rape. You should tell someone who you think will support you about being pregnant. Or look online for Crisis pregnancy centers in your area. If you find one near you they will give you all the help and support you need. If you feel like you arn’t ready to be a mother, you could put the child up for adoption. Sometimes the people adopting will even pay your living expenses while you are pregnant with the baby if you need it. know you are not alone. You will be in my prayers, if you want to write to me just keep posting things and I will answer.


          okay just hang in there, suicide, and abortion are both not the answer, ive tried suicide and it doesnt feel good, if god brought u to it, he will bring u through it, im tellin u its brighter days ahead of u, just do u 4 u and your baby, thats all u need to concentrate on.


            Hey Girl,
            I hear your fear and your uncertainy in what is happening to you. I will not tell you what to do but I will share my experience with you and my personal opinion. In nov 2004 I had an abortion. I was advised by health care providers that an abortion was like taking a tylenol for a headache. Never has anything been so far from the truth. After I woke up on the table my world crashed. I couldn’t sleep and when I did I had nightmares about the child. For a long time I couldnt’ look at or be around anything to do with babies and children. My heart hurt so bad, I never imagined that such pain existed. I did get through it but it has not gone away. I still have nightmares everyonce and awhile. My body changed and I now have chronic back pain and really bad menestral cramps. I still deal with the guilt of what I have done and that hasn’t gotten any easier. So I cannot personally recommend abortion I believe there are better ways to deal with this situation.
            As for cutting your wrists…I have allot I could say about that. I am a emergency medical technician and I have dealt with many persons who attempt suicide and their families. What you are doing to yourself is very, very wrong. You need to seek counciling as soon as possible. You are not only hurting yourself, you are hurting all those around you. Suicide or acts of violence against yourself doesnot help anything, however everytime you act out your self-esteem and self- respect will fall dramatically. I realize your hurting and so do those around you but mutilating yourself is not the way to show it. I would like to encourage you to talk to someone you trust to work out a way to manage your feelings. If you need to talk you can reply to me. I can help set you up with resources to help you meet your emotional needs.
            Take Care,


              Hey hun,
              I don’t know all that much about your situation but i do know that harming yourself will only make it worse. I had my daughter when i was your age. I couldn’t face abortion although everyone around me was telling me it was the right thing to do. I thought i was making the wrong decision by having the baby but i have never regretted it, not once. I passed all my gcses and i’m going to uni in sept. My daughter is nearly 4 now and i can’t say it’s been easy but it’s not half as hard as some people make it out to be- and the joy you get out of being a mother far outweighs the bad parts. I don’t want to push you into doing something you don’t want to do but just think carefully because abortion might be something you will regret for the rest of your life but i garentee you will never regret having your baby even when life is a bit tough.
              You need to speak to someone about it and get everything that is worrying you off your chest- that will prop help with your self harming cos you will feel better about everything. Best to speak to someone you really trust but if you haven’t got anyone else i’m definatly here for you hun. Keep your chin up and don’t rush into a decision! :silly:


                sweetie plz dont cut ur wrist there teen programs u can go too like they will give you a place to stay u and other teen moms and they will make sure you go to school and have everything you need for the babay let me know how every thing goes god bless


                  HI chick, I agree try not to cut your wrists I know your having a rough time of it but try something else like scribbling on paper when your angry or upset! It worked for me. : ). If I were you I would think about the future, if you dont want to have the baby then you dont have too, your family might be against it but its your future and your life that you have to think about, but i wouldnt suggest an abortion either, I myself have experienced that and it was the worse thing that i have ever done and regret it deeply to this day! You could look into adoption, even an openone where you can keep in touch with the baby if you wanted to, and you get to choose which family will take it. I know that its very confusing and hard, but believe me, your family are your family and im sure they would only want the best and for you to be happy what ever decision you make! x


                    no i think you shoud have it and think about the baby, its not fair to the baby, its not the baby’s fault to be brought into this world and i don’t think you should abort the baby!!


                      You can do this! You have the strength to get through anything inside you. Sometimes, life throws a curve ball, but that just means you step up your game! If your’e worried about the consequences of life with your baby, imagine life without your baby. This little life could save yours. By giving your baby life, you’re granting us, the rest of the world the chance to meet him or her too. Maybe your baby will cure a disease or maybe just affect one person so deeply, his or her whole life will be worth it. Give us the chance to meet this little life too! You can do it!


                        Ok. first of all like veryone else I’m gonna start off and tell u not to cut ur wrists. I kno its hard I never planned on having a baby this early Im 15 a straight A student and I wanted kids but in the future. Im against abortion because instead of killing ur child u can give him/her to a family who wants a new baby. Its hard I kno and this will be the biggest decision u will ever make but wats the best thing for ur baby???? Right now no matter wat u do it will effect the baby YOUR baby. U need to just think.


                          i would go with adoption if i were you. if i had gotten pregnant at 15 i probably would have done adoption because i seriously considered it even a month after my baby was born and i was 21. you want your life back and you want your child to have the best opportunities available: stay at home mom, father who can support them, money for school and college, backyard playgrounds, food, cute clothes, the best sitters and nannies, etc. sure these are not extremely important, but nobody complains about them either when they can get them. if the father makes threats and you really want to do adoption there isn’t anything he can do from stopping you to proceed with adoption until it’s time to sign away both of your rights.

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