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      This is my first time posting a topic on this site. My older sister introduced me to this site when she discovered she was pregnant at the young age of 14. Well you see the problem is me and my boyfriend have been having alot of unprotected sex latly. now iam throwing up, having sharp pains in my lower stomach and side, my period was a day late but today i had light pink spotting and then it just went away. I have noticed my brast are really sore and my nipples have turned to a dark brown. Is there any chance that im pregnant? :unsure:



        If you were having unprotected sex, then you might be pregnant. It sounds like you may be having early pregnancy symptoms, and the spotting could be implantation bleeding. Don’t panic, but do take a pregnancy test to find out. It might be too early to tell, so if it is negative I would take another test in a week to double check. Have you told your bf that you are worried you might be pregnant? If you are not both ready to face the prospect of parenthood I would reccomend not having unprotected sex. Good luck.


      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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