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      Hi everyone. I’m new here. Well….I guess I’ll get right into it. My boyfriend and I had unprotected sex on May 17th. The following 2 wks, i noticed that i started to feel really tired. Then my breasts became tender. Soon after, I had this vivid dream about taking a First Response test and getting a positive! :ohmy: So after that happened, I really started thinking, hmm…am I preggers or am I just going crazy? So a few days ago my boyfriend was over my house visiting and he noticed I had seemed agitated and irritable. He also noticed that my breasts seemed bigger, felt full like a pregnant woman’s, nipples sensitive and that my veins on them were showing. He presumed it must be an oncoming menstrual. No menstrual yet however, just mild pelvic cramping, nothing serious. Honestly, my period hasn’t returned since last year once i got off the Pill. :blink: So trying to go by my periods to detect pregnancy is somewhat difficult so I just try and monitor my symptoms.

      I still do feel exhaustion usually in the afternoons and early evenings. I just know I had never even heard of the veins in your breasts showing more prominently. I looked it up of course and from what I read, that is a sign of pregnancy. Has anyone here experienced that? I also have a sore throat and a cough, i thought i was getting sick or something. It’s almost like I have this gut feeling I might be preggers but I haven’t tested yet. I plan on testing on this coming Sunday and I’ve also made a doctor’s appointment for the 26th of this month. I told my friend, she thinks i am definitely preggers. I’m 24, fresh out of college, still looking for employment at the moment. Don’t get me wrong, I so want this baby if there is a baby indeed!!! I love motherhood; i think it’s beautiful, but I’d be lying if I said i wasn’t the least bit scared. :S I’m mostly afraid of what my mom and granny will say and what my boyfriend’s reaction will be exactly, I hope he’s happy about it. This will be our first child. It’s just that we aren’t married yet, we’ve been together for 5 months so far. So far so good but my mom and granny are stuck on marriage first and I don’t feel like being berated by them. Any thoughts, support…?? Thanks and I apologize if this post is super long.


        Thanks for posting and sharing some of your story.

        I’m glad that you’re going to the doctor to get a pregnancy test. If you would like to take a free pregnancy test, you can go to http://www.optionline.org. Just type in your zip code and click search. A list of pregnancy resource centers will appear. Just call the center and tell them that you would like to come in for a a free pregnancy test. They will be happy to help you.

        If you are pregnant, dealing with family can be difficult. There is nothing wrong with establishing boundaries if you do not feel that your mom and grandma are not treating you well. That doesn’t mean that you have to cut them out, but it may mean having a discussion with them and telling them how they are making you feel.

        Statistically speaking, it is best for a child to be raised in marriage. It creates stability that a “live-in” situation does not create. You can read more about this here: http://americanvalues.org/pdfs/why_marriage_matters2.pdf.

        However, marriage is no easy decision because many marriages end in divorce. It is worth having a discussion with your boyfriend and weigh out the pros and cons.


          Hey there. Thanks for replying to me. I really do appreciate your good advice on talking to mom and granny about the way they are making me feel. And yes I do believe in the value of marriage, I do want to be a wife as well of course. So I plan on having a serious discussion with my boyfriend. I think if I am indeed preggers, we should probably just focus on one thing at a time. We’ll focus on parenting and then come back to marriage, i just don’t want to over complicate things by moving too fast and rushing. The pregnancy is moving fast enough. LOL! 😛



            I was just reading over your post and really have to agree with Queen B. If you are indeed pregnant, which I hope after your period is last for 5 or more days you will take pregnancy test, you will have 9 months to work on your relationship with your boyfriend and make a decision on marriage. It is a much healthier environment for you and your baby to have a stable relationship with the proper roles. Live in situations leave no commitments and heartache. Especially when the going gets tough in the first few months after the baby is here, you don’t want someone up and leaving you. You have time, get the relationship stabilized first!


              Hey sweetie, im also new to this site…and to the scares of pregnancy. I am going through almost the exact same scenario as you. Havent had my period and im 7 days late with cramping. I also have noticed my breasts are bigger and i hhavemore of an appetite. I took a digital HPT and it came back positive. Im so scared bc im a college student living on my own without a job. I have no clue what to do next.


                I’m not a doctor and I certainly can’t diagnose you, but it sounds like you might be pregnant. It is understandable that you are TERRIFIED right now. Everyone who has gone through this has had similar feelings to you. I just want you to know that, while you are probably in shock right now, it will wear off and you will be able to handle this with a clear head.

                You will be able to get through this. Have you had time to consider your options for your pregnancy? When you are ready, I suggest that you check out http://www.optionline.org. You can get a lot of great information about unexpected pregnancy and you can also find free help in your area.

                What is your relationship with your parents like? Do you think you could tell your parents that you had a positive pregnancy test? You don’t have to do that right now, I just wanted to help you begin to think things through.

                For now, just try to let the news sink in. Take time, pray, and consider talking to a close friend that you can trust.

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