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      Hello to all you SUG girlies πŸ™‚ It has been so long (4/5years) no one I used to talk to through some very tough times is still on here.. I don’t think! I just wanted to update everyone…
      so here goes ha I am now 20 and 21 in December Sophia is 4 in November!! :ohmy: time has flown by! she starts primary school in September and is so grown up and I love her more than life itself she is so bubbly and definitely a little actress! hehe. Dexter was born 29th December 2011 and is growing up super fast he started walking 3 months ago (march 11th 2013) and now i really need to develop eyes in the back of my head! but he is such a little cutie and it makes my heart melt whenever i see my beautiful children. I am now planning on being a retail manager, which I love πŸ™‚ I am a single mum after 7 years with Ollie we decided to call it a day 8 months ago. There will always be a place in my heart that will love him forever we are best friends now and for the children its the best thing. he is an amazing daddy πŸ™‚
      so how is everyone? I am sure there will be loads of new faces on here πŸ™‚ all you girlies are amazing and I couldn’t have got through everything without you all.
      Lots of love Gabby xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


        Thank you for the wonderful update! We love hearing back from Stand Up Girls! I am so happy to hear that you are doing well. Keep us up-to-date!


          awh thankyou! we are all doing very well πŸ™‚
          my old account was ‘sophia roses mummy’ but i have forgotten the password :/
          how is everyone doing?
          gabby x


            Hey Gabby!! I remember you too….it is GREAT to have you back….especially now as an experienced mom…I look forward to seeing the great advice you have to share with others…I am so proud of the amazing woman you have become :)…see ya around! Love Meg!


              Ah hello Meg! πŸ™‚
              Yes- i remember you too πŸ™‚ how are you? It has been a rocky hard road as they say but right now I have never been happier! xxx

            Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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