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      hey all. im new on here i just made my account today. i actually stumbled across this site because of a facebook add. Over the weekend while i was with my boyfriend the condom broke. I am on birth control but you never know. im trying not to stress out about it because i know that will definitely push my period later. I was suppose to start on monday but im still waiting.. any advice or anything? Thanks


        Hello! Welcome to the site! 🙂
        Sorry, no advice… just take a HPT when your period is a week late.
        I hope everything works out!


          thank you. i ended up starting yesterday but this morning i stopped.. for a few hours. then it came back. im not sure whats going on.. im going to take a test like monday i think. my boyfriends boss at work said this happened to her before..and she was pregnant. im nervous


            Welcome to the site! I doubt that you are… but hope everything works out. 🙂


              hei, welcome here =)
              well, if you are takin the BC pill the way it should be taken, then theres like 0.01% that you are..
              i would say you are more not than yes..
              make a hpt if your period will be one week late, and keep us updated please=)
              good luck***


                thanks for replying! i ended up taking a test today and it was negative. so i hope its right..everything is normal though for the most part.


                  Welcome to the site.

                Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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