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      Hi girls. I am new on this site. My name is anna and I am 18 years old and I really want to get pregnant. Now yall probably think im weird but I am not just doing this because everyone else is or whatever. My boyfriend and I have a very stable loving and committed relationship, we are financially stable (my boyfriend has a job with his uncle selling and installing computers, making more money than the average 18 yr old.) We have discussed this with our parents and they are supportive of our choice. Btw don’t be scared. We don’t drink or smoke or anything like that. We don’t go and party we would rather stay in and enjoy each other. Also I have been around kids all my life. My mom has had a lot of children so im used to the screams and staying up all night! Lol! I guess I should also mention that the reason I have such an urge to have this baby is because I had a pregnancy scare but it came up negative and ever since I’ve been depressed and I really think this is an ok step for my life and a positive thing. What do yall think? Thanks for reading –anna


        It’s always nice meeting new people on the site.

        I sounds like you have really thought about this and done a lot of planning. I’m happy that your parents are supportive.

        Have your parents encouraged you to get married? I can tell that you and your bf are really in love and it would seem that marriage would be the next logical step.

        If it were me, I would not throw the cart before the horse, so to speak. You and your bf have a great relationship so why not get married and then have a child.

        Getting married first would benefit all those involved. You and your boy can start to establish your life together and your home. Then when you bring a child in you are prepared. Not only that there is research that shows that children born into families where the mother and father are married are set up for success in their life.

        Give the best to yourself, and your child. If your parents support you getting pregnant, it would seem that they would also support you getting married.


          Hi! Its nice meeting you too. I did forget to add that we do plan on getting married. We planned it for sept. 5 2009 but im getting so anxious about having a baby that im thinkin about walking down the aisle pregnant!


            I Anna nice to meet you. My name is Jessica and I got pregnant at 17 almost 18. I would strongly advise getting married first. If you are sure you are with your true sole mate what is the harm in waiting 9 months until after the wedding. If not why don’t you just elope that way you can have a baby before September. Down the line you don’t want for your child to ask how many years you have been married and put two and two together that you were pregnant before you got married. And then always wonder well did they get married because of me? Or think that it’s ok for them to do the same get pregnant without being married. I just think you have such a wonderful thing and you should take advantage of it, wait until your married. I wish you the best of luck. Jessica


              hiya hunny- hmm it sounds like your in a very stable relationship
              im 14 weeks pregos- fight with my bf constantly-
              lol- well it seems you really want this baby- and talking to your parents
              and knowing they behind you 100% im sure is a huge relief.
              how does your bf feel? is he ready to have a baby?
              i know the disappointment and grief one experinces with a loss
              or failure of pregnancy . i had it myself.
              i think if you really feel strongly about this then you
              should consider marrage, then have a baby- but there lots
              of people who have children then get married..
              Best of luck hunny!!


                well the first thing you should ask yourself is that if you are ready for a child then why aren’t you married yet? a child is a lifelong committment as it marriage. It just doesnt make sense to me that two people would be planning a pregnancy and not even be engaged. I think that there should be a legal committment before you try to get pregnant. basically, if you are really ready to commit to a child, then you should also be ready to commit to a marriage. I am not saying you aren’t, I am just saying think about it.


                  Hi mzlady22. In my 2nd post I already said I plan on getting married sept 5 2009. I just forgot to put it in my first one :0)


                    Congrats on your upcoming wedding. if you wait until you get married to get pregnant you will be really glad that you did… you could even move the date closer if you don’t want to wait that long. 😉

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