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    CECi. iM A MOMMY O6O8O9

      [color=#FF0000″> Hey im CECi im 17yrs old & im due July 24th 2OO9 w| a baby BOY ! & Yes im still w| his father. We are deeply in love & plan on getting married very soon. B) Im still in school & Im graduating in January of 2O1O, i do plan on going to college & My fiance is in the army & he is going to start college in september. I’am very proud of him & we are supporting eachother all the way. We have our own place & all so i dont want to hear “oh you cant possibly be finacially stable” because we are. Im very happy w| the way my life is going so keep your negative judgements to yourself because i could care less of what you think of me. Thank you ! =]


        The best thing that I can thing of to say is to wait and find out. Time is of the essence, and even the its hard to wait, that is all you can do. Good luck.


          Do you have enough $ to buy a hpt? Before you freak out, find out.


            You dont know if your mom wont understand bacause, i was 6 months preg. when my mom finally found out and i was mortified of telling her b/c i thought she as going to kll me and she didnt. the best thing i can tell you to dois wait and see and hope for the best,. even though your scared dont do anything you’ll regret!!! you might think of it but dont act on it :unsure: :unsure:


              Hi Alyssa, it’s nice that you are answering this girl’s questions… but if you look at the top next to the title of her post you can see that she posted this almost 9 months ago.
              I mean, you can still answer old posts, but just wanted to let you know how to tell if it is recent or not. 🙂


                Did you keep your precious baby?

                sophia roses mummy

                  congrats on the little boy hunnie!


                Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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