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      last week i got a faint positive reading on a hpt.. 2 days later i woke up in the middle of the night with sharp abdominal pains. I tried to sleep but it woke me up again shortly after i was able to fall asleep. my lower back was also giving me way more trouble the im use to. so wendsday morning i got up to use the bathroom with hope that maybe it would help. but it just stressed me out evenmore. i was bleeding very heavily. ( my periods are never that bad) I also had some clumping of the blood… so as the afternoon went on the pain gradually had gotten worse. when my husband came home from lunch he decided to take me to the naval hospitals ER. when i gt there they had me take an other urine test.. and of course it came out negative.. what made this wore is the doctor told me that only if the urine test came out positive would they give me a blood test. so he examined me… didnt tell me anything about what was wrong with me, had a nurse give mea shot for thepain and sent me home… I HATE THE NAVY!!!!! i swear they are soo cheap!! but maybe its just the navy on a marine corp. base thats cheap.. so over the past days the bleeding has slowed down.. but i still have cramping now and then.. mostly when i try and sleep… any advice girls? ( my period has never been like this!!!) I am an emotional wreck! now just seeing a baby makes me upsett. any ideas on whats going on with me?


        My believe is that a pregnancy test will rather lie when it says negative, but if it shows positive – doesnt matter how faint, then you ARE pregnant. A hpt only starts showing positive 4weeks after the first day of your last period. That makes you officially 2 weeks pregnant – the implantation just finished. So if it was positive and you were pregnant, you most probably had a miscarriage. The docter will OBVIOUSLY then not see the pregnancy hormones in you if the embryo already aborted. I know this sounds cruel, but please please dont let this stress you out – I might be wrong about you having a miscarriage. this is just a POSSIBILITY. But whatever the case might be…if you stress overly much now, it will only slimming your chances of falling pregnant again soon. So. Whatever it was, put it behind you and start getting your body in a"positive-mode". eat healthy, walk often, think possitive thoughts, laugh alot! And just go with the flow….before you open your eyes, you will have a little bump in your tummy!!!!


          that sounds like an ectopic pregnancy or a miscarriage. either way, i think you should go back in and have them redo the pregnancy test. if you had a miscarriage, the hcg should still be in your urine. good luck i hope everything goes good 🙂


            See a doctor to be safe

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