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      I’m 17 years old and i’m 4 months pregnant. Okay I’m really scared about this, My parents know i’m pregnant and they said that if i didnt make ‘the right decision’ in getting an abortion then they basically wouldnt have anything to do with me and wouldnt help me financially. So my problem is being able to pay all those insurance copays. I work two jobs and im saving up money from all my checks but i know that i also need that money for the baby and I don’t want to spend it on all the expensive labatory fees im recieving. I’m going to have to pay like 340$ in a month or so, i got the statement in the mail. $1,000 for like 15 different tests done off one blood sample and my insurance covered up to 240$ of it and then i had a pap test done and they charged me another 100$ for that. Right now i only have like $400 saved up.

      I’ve tried for the Husky Health care program and the problem with that is they count your parents income if ur under 18 and my parents make wayy too much so I’m kind of s.o.l. if u know what i mean!! it suckss and plus how am i going to pay for like the delievery which will be like $5,000? I don’t turn 18 until september of 08 and im having my baby in may 08. What shud i do?


        well fortunately since you are under 18, your parents are responsible for those bills, they must not get that yet. have someone talk with insurance and talk to them about it and let them know that b/c you are under 18 its their responsibility and their credit if they don’t. Or at least that is what they told my mom. hope everything works out for you girl.


          yeah thats true, its just i don’t want my dad to think im irresponsible. but w/e lol. i’ll let them pay for it


            i dont have any answers…because i’m in a similar situation. my parents are making me feel financially trapped into making the decisions they want me to make. just know you’re not alone, and both of us will make it to the other side of this 🙂

            ..i believe the line "You will not be allowed to drag us into the poor house" was used by my father. sound familiar? It’s hard to love people so much, then have them say things that make our situation seem so hopeless. Things are NOT hopeless— I will be checking up on this thread to see if someone has a solution for us!!!


              Is the baby’s father not going to be apart of the baby’s life and your pregnancy? If he is I suggest that he get a job SOON and he needs to help you get your prenatal care. This is a very important part of your pregnancy, and it could determine whether your baby is healthy or not. I am sure something good will end up happening, and your parents will come around sometime. Just be patient and positive, just for your babies sake and health if not for yours. Just know that your parents are not the ones carrying your child!! They have no right to back you into a corner, and make you feel like abortion is the only choice for you!! Remember if you ever feel like you could not raise this baby by yourself, there is always adoption! There are so many loving families just waiting for a baby to love!! I will be praying for you and your baby, if you need anything or just need to talk please feel free to send me a message any time.


                my babys father is still with me. I’m very proud of him because he just got a good job. He’s working at Direct TV and getting paid $13 an hour. I’m saving every dime i have and putting it all in the bank, so far i have almost $500, and I’m going to keep on saving and saving until the end of my pregnancy, and i’m going to take a couple months off to take care of my baby before i go back to the teen pregnancy program at the school. I know that things are going to work out. My family thinks its selfish to want to keep my baby when i cant support it, when i know i can support it and ill do everything and anything i can. I know i’ll be a good mother no matter how much my family doubts me.

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